The hypocrisy of the Ice Warriors

SUMMIT, WWE’s Backyard – If you may or may not know, the Ice Warriors decided to fire back at us after we released our truth about TWA post recently. However, those screenshots that are featured in the post have been taken out of context and no real backstory is provided. 

Before we start this post off, the Doritos would like to once again talk about and apologize about the old screenshots “exposed” in the Ice Warriors post. Like we said we HAVE done shit, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and we’re not innocent. We are sincerely sorry for the actions that took place in a private group chat at the beginning of the year and we deeply regret them. (P.S Notice how no formal apology is found within the Ice Warriors post.) 

Before we expose the Ice Warriors once again, let’s go back and address the stuff that was mentioned in their post.

Disclaimer: This post will contain strong language and mature topics will be discussed. View at your own discretion

The Ice Warriors love to bring back old screenshots of former leaders saying the N-word as a joke which again is not acceptable and we apologized for it multiple times. Other phrases like “dox him” etc. resurfaced which we already addressed and debunked. They seem to care sooooo sooooooo sooooooo much about this situation. However, remind us what IW did about these screenshots when they actually mattered?

This was in a CPAL board group chat before the CPAH merger. As you can see that these former leaders and Icey acknowledge what happened and what the situation is, yet they don’t do anything about it. They didn’t remove me for my actions or ask me to step down. If they truly cared about what happened in the leaked group chat they would have done something. Instead, they only bring up these old screenshots when they need to try and “expose” our army.

So you care about an old screenshot of me saying “Dox me” when an IW staff is trying to leave for DCP but not when I was the most powerful person in the community with the access to your advanced IP logger? As Pookie437 says, “POGGERS DUDE!”

Icey, you had the chance to remove me from CPAL anytime you wanted. If you really felt this way towards me, why didn’t you? Oh yeah, because you actually don’t care unless exposing these screenshots benefits you. You guys are pathetic.

Out of Context Screenshots

You claim that this is “Meer making fun of someone’s IRL name after doxing them:”. However, you didn’t include that this was Reacon, your best friend, who he’s talking too. The same guy who doxxed Meer and spammed him on Discord. Pressuring him to join a voice chat so he could harass him. You also said Meer “doxxed” him, when he’s publicly released his name in the army community via Soundcloud. You’re so fucking pathetic, holy shit. Keep supporting people like this Flamez.

Annotation 2020-09-07 153826

image1 (1)

Oh man, since you love to bring up screenshots of leaders who aren’t even in the discord server anymore. Let’s bring up screenshots of your former leader, especially your bestie.

You continuously bring up screenshots of Meer saying the N-word and then proceed to bring up shit that our former leaders did. So why not bring this up? IW, you’re not innocent either.

Flamez, how are you gonna betray your former leaders by still sucking Andrews cock?


Yikes, so just because my name is at the bottom that means I’m helping him? How do you know what I said, buddy? You really here talking about ddosing when you had leaders like Zuke who put faces of people on the CPAL website and had IP loggers everywhere. Nice job bud. Also, like I said at the beginning of the post if you truly were concerned about me “ddosing people”, why wasn’t I removed from CPAL? Why did you guys give me access to basically a website containing the IP addresses of everyone in the community?

Do you guys mind backing this up with some valid proof? What video do I have of this? This is absolutely absurd and disgusting.  If you were genuinely worried about comments WWE has apparently said to you guys, you could’ve simply brought it towards our attention. We would have addressed and resolved it privately.

unknown (14)

Pedophilia Definition – Preying on young children and young children in particular as a pattern of behavior

Do you see any sort of pedo behavior in the screenshot above? Asking someone for streaks on Snapchat isn’t pedophilia Flamez. You’re an absolute dumbass. You have friends like these who are actual pedos but you go on to falsely accuse us of pedophilia. Just look at this!

You love to talk about former leaders and you love to expose pedophilia. But Flamez, why haven’t you talked about your idol and former leader and self-proclaimed “creator” of the Ice Warriors, Andrew24 asking an underage girl for nudes?

Annotation 2020-09-07 143840

Annotation 2020-09-07 143950

Annotation 2020-09-07 144050

Moral of the story, post something actually good without including old Oligarchy screenshots, please. Lost count on how many times we already witnessed and addressed those old screenshots. We would love it. We’re the best to ever fucking do this. Fear the damn shield.


Meerrkat: Hello, It’s Meerrkat. I’d like to apologize for saying the N word…. once again. For all of you to know, I grew up in an area where it was normalized. Was it used for racism? No. It was used as a way of calling someone “dude, bro, and/or homie.” Sure, I may have talked about a sexual experienced of mine back then. But remember, this was back in December and in a mature chat. It included me and other members at the time. It’s not my problem if kids enter a mature chat when there’s an obvious warning. When it comes to my PFP being Commando.  I was in a state of trolling once I returned and thought nothing of it. Reacon has been harassing me since March. Finding my Facebook than going around the community framing me for being a pedo with no real proof. I made my PFP his face because he’s a living meme. It’s ironic for him to be framing others for being a pedo. Bay, I admit you gave me PTSD from CPO. Always hunting me down, banning hundreds of my alts. Ever since this past month I’ve shown you nothing but respect. I believe we’re on good terms.


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