Late results from yesterday’s US invasion. We maxed 35, but we didn’t get many pictures because all AR does is throw snowballs and joke bomb making it nearly impossible to do tactics. They barely hit 20. We will have longer pre-battles from now on.

Thug life

Person Of The Year

Note: I am posting this on our website because Zakster, one of our greatest enemies this year has described how dominant of an army this is and how nobody can stop us.

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And The Cracks Begin To Show

The Army Republic are caving in under the pressure. We will not let up.

Late Wednesday night, AR leader, Burr, contacted me in secret on DCP chat begging for a treaty seeing as the entire community wants his army dead.

He claimed to have a new enemy, which he’s currently made plenty of, however I saw beyond his lies and realized that he was just simply scared. I made it clear, that he would either surrender the war or we aren’t going to back down.

It was here that his natural ignorance kicked in and he said some things that he may soon regret.


We don’t ally with cheaters and cowards, sorry.


“I’ll help you in events…” Suck up more please…


Your leadership must be something when you can’t even manage respect for each other…


Lol, okay. *Rage quit*

Continue to fight hard DCP. Victory draws nearer and nearer every day.

How To Know You Have No Life

Want to know when you’ve reached the point of having no life?

When your name is drmatt and you spend $1000 on armies everyday. 

Stop taking armies so seriously kid.

LOL can’t wait to see the “Comeback” 😉 




Round 2


No events today, enjoy your day Doritos!

(possible unscheduled a lot of soldiers are online)

new year


Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on to battle the Army Republic for the server Walrus, and our invasion was a success! All they managed to do was joke bomb us, and throw snow balls at us so we couldn’t do tactics, but like always we found a way to prevail and march on to victory. We averaged 45+ and had around 10-15 lockouts aswell. Great job DCP!

walrus battle3

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, Doritos Leader

The Top Ten Armies Of 2015

Through all the BS, deductions and special reports, DCP is still the number 1 army of 2015. Hello, 2016.

CPA Central

After what has been one of the most eventful, difficult, and scandalous years in army history, we look back at the performance of armies throughout 2015. This year has been more competitive than 2014 and, statistically, a slight improvement. We have compiled a statistical total for every single army to be in both CPA Central and SM Army Press’ Top Tens, which we call the “Top Ten Armies of 2015”. Read on for more.

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Divided, We Render As Nothing.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to the Doritos army. Let me personally give you a warm welcome, as this is the best army in the Club Penguin Army Community.

Here in the Doritos, we’re a family, and the only way we function is by sticking together.


“We are only as strong as we are united, and only as weak as we are divided.”

On the battlefield, we always have each other’s backs, and we never submit to defeat. Ever since our creation in 2010, we have been named the strongest Club Penguin army in history!

You can make a difference by attending our massive battles and events on Club Penguin. Not only does it help the Doritos thrive as a whole, but it’s a lot of fun! Every troop in DCP counts, and every troop in DCP is considered a part of the family.

So, what are YOU waiting for?

Join the best army today, the best FAMILY today.

The Doritos Army Fear The Shield


Hello Doritos!

After we invaded all of Nacho’s servers at 7:00 AM, we cleansed them tonight. Again, we went from server to server, stayed there for 30 seconds, and then moved on to the next. AR showed up to try and sabotage us, but they failed miserably while at the same time maxing like 20 lol. Hey Burr, throwing snowballs won’t save you! We maxed around 40+ with lockouts, great job DCP!

See you on the battlefield,

~Bad, Doritos Leader

AR DDoSing Attacks?

Today in our glorious UK event, maxing 40, I was hit off but what seems to be our biggest enemy Army Republic. I documented times, along with video proof and proof of my router being connected. When event was over, around 4:50PM, my connection came back up, which can be noted in the video.

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