The End


Over these past 7 years, my time here was truly amazing. I have no words for it all. No words can do it any justice.


I thank you all for your continued support. I thank you all for your time. You guys have made this army so successful, you guys have made this journey so fulfilling. Although DCP as an army may have come to an end, our brotherhood is forever. Our legacy is forever. Our memories are forever. The DCP family owns you, we did this shit and we did it proper.

A late Summer 2019 night, I have decided to finally edit this post:

When this entire journey of ours ended, I had no words. This was all too much to explain. The Doritos have been such a big part of my life for so many years and the fact that every aspect of it was coming to an abrupt end choked me up. This was so amazing I was speechless as no words could emphasize how great it all actually was. We have created forever friends through a half baked game on the computer that we just so happened to make so much more of. There were points where we had nothing and there were points that we went from nothing to suddenly having everything this had to offer which resulted in some of us bumping heads and some of us making mistakes. We all had good intentions in the end, and this was something good. This was all something great. We had this opportunity to learn together, grow together, conquer together, and simply have good times together. Cheers to everyone that we had a positive impact on. For anyone that we negatively impacted, I assure you that our goals were always pure. Thank you to everyone who was apart of this journey, each and every one of you have made your own impacts on this army and I wouldn’t change the way anything has happened, not one bit. From people clawing with their finger-nails to bring us down for the mistakes we made, from our lowest points – I must say that it is truly beautiful to see that our times in this army enabled us to stay together as one through it all and push hard, accomplishing great things all the way to the very end. I found myself caring about the people around me so much that I pushed them as much as possible because I wanted to be able to say “we are the greatest” and we did just that, it was the sweetest joy. Thanks for making this dope. Bottom line, this was a good thing and I’m glad it happened. We were all part of it, and it wouldn’t be what it was without you.

Thank you

-Mustapha10x DCP Legend


Our Time has Come

Alas, Doritos… Our Time has Come!

Wow, where do I even begin? First off, I would like to thank all of the Doritos troops who have supported the army. Its you guys who have pushed us to do more and reach greater sizes. Secondly, I would like to thank everyone in the army who gave me a chance, whether that be Mustapha, Wwe, Bam, or Alf. I want to thank you guys for believing in me. Over the past years we have built something greater than a friendship. We have crafted these friendships into one big family.

Every single time I retired and then decided to come back to Club Penguin Armies, I rejoined Doritos. I knew that this was truly my home and that I could serve no other army.

Looking back on my childhood, I can say it was amazing. I can say that I did things I would have never expected. I can say I met people who were really nice and were my friends over the internet.

So, that brings us to now…

I hope that every-time you eat a bag of Doritos, whether it be Nacho Cheese (the best flavor), Cool Ranch, etc. that you remember everything WE did as a family. I hope that you remember all the friends that you met through this platform. I also hope that you remember this legacy that we created.

I leave you with this…

The great playwright, William Shakespeare once said “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”


Thanks for everything!

Mr. Rodgahs (Former DCP Leader)


In Loving Memory of the Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP)

Hello troops,

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The Final Milestone; A Message to the Community

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A True Legacy


Possum: Make sure to check out my edit before the pictures!

Surprise Surprise, I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance DCP – I will be unable to attend Club Penguin’s Big Bang (I’ll still try my hardest) but I have to push out to a training exercise a few states away come Monday (wow isn’t the military awesome). While I may or may not be there – the very least I can do is bid you all a decent farewell.

Image result for doritos of cp salute

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It’s over… [Final Event Results]

Toy: We did it…  together. One last time. Everyone who came… thank you. Thank you all. We can truly rest in peace now. Today, we all witnessed former Doritos and new ones reunite as the family we are. Our final goodbye, our final chance to reunite one last time. I don’t think we could have had a better turnout, and I seriously cannot thank every single one of you enough. For the last time, I salute you all. And if the time comes again, I will see you on the battlefield.

Mustapha: Times change, circumstances change and that’s the reality of life in general. DCP has impacted everyone that was truly apart of it, and that’s what makes us such a powerful force, and furthermore, a powerful family. Today’s sights of a united family was truly amazing. I still find it hard to understand how amazing it actually was. I was locked out for 50% of the entire event because the Stadium and the Ice Berg both were filled within seconds. It felt like a tournament battle between two massive armies, yet it was just DCP alone filling rooms. Every single person that attended this event was truly amazing in every single way, it’s extremely hard to describe it all. We were able to get sizes of 70+ on Club Penguin and 2 full pools on our chat room. 


Our final event took place today, 3/25/2017, at 2:30 PST. We had a huge reunion, with the attendance of way over 70 people. The turnout could not have been any better… and our performance was optimal. We all had fun, for over 50 minutes on Club Penguin. For one last time. Good job, everyone. Good job.

Final DCP Event EVER!

Our final event ever will be on Saturday, March 25th. Everyone is expected to be there – all past and present DCP! Everyone must make a heavy effort to come. If most older veterans can come, so can you. Everyone can find a way to make this event. This is the most important event in the history of our entire army. DCP will be ending, but our legacy is forever.

❗ The Finale ❗



5:30PM EST, 4:30PM CST, 3:30PM MST, 2:30PM PST, 10:30PM GMT

Family Forever!

if you don’t know your timezone click HERE




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Training Day [SUCCESS]

Today we logged on for our 2nd-to-last event ever! We did phenomenal. We’re the greatest to ever do this. We were able to conquer for so many years against all odds! We stood up for what we believed in and we declared war on everyone we deemed worthy and for that we have some critics but as the saying goes “if you don’t have haters you ain’t poppin”, with that being said – today we were poppin. This merely goes to show that our army may be coming to an end but our legacy will live on forever! Family Forever!




Patrolling Summit [SUCCESSFUL]

Today we logged onto our Capital server to ensure that all of the citizens hanging out on Summit were secure! We had lots of fun doing so, and we were easily able to max sizes of 40+. All on a Monday night, how glorious! We are the Doritos, and THIS is OUR Legacy!



=Orange Spring=

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend