Crunching The Competition [WEEK IN REVIEW]

Hello Doritos!

With the Legends Cup right around the corner, I figured I’d stop all the beef, make some moves on map, get Mammoth & call it a day. The DCP commanders work hard and drove away the snake, evening the playing field for all, and the goal has been accomplished. However once you complete one goal, another one pops up almost immediately. For us, the goal is now to win Legends Cup X, which would be our first cup ever to bring home to DCP. War time is over, we’ve had our fun & plenty of time to prepare; we will be ready. But before we get too ahead of ourselves let us reflect back on what we did this week as an army because it truly was amazing to witness. This week I figured I’d get our AUSIA division back up & running, which surprised the hell out of me when we broke almost 50 at those times after not holding an AUSIA event for a little while. We continued to invade IW with sizes of 60-65 all week long, giving them no shot at beating us in the slightest even if they did show up. The consistency put on display in not only battles, but at each of our events no matter what division you may be in, just shows me how motivated everyone is and makes rejoining this army at an older age actually still fun & worth it. I believe we will grab #1 on both top tens this week, however only time will tell and we will see tomorrow how the lists turn out. But either way, we know who’s #1 anyway, never needed no top ten to tell us that! 🙂 Read on to see the highlights of our week! ORANGE SUMMER!

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The Calm Before The Storm – Legends Cup X

Hey Doritos Gang,

Over the past few weeks we’ve encountered some huge challenges. A huge global coalition war against the Ice Warriors, then a war against the pirates, and finally just a one-on-one war against the Ice Warriors. We’ve seen some heavy changes. Andrew, the man who we’ve been pushing to have removed from the IW leadership, has finally decided to leave and help his failing mother sell some real estate.

Andrew24 after being caught of kidnapping Bay, Golds’ leader.

However, we’re not here to play against hick warriors or light troops wannabes, no. The greatest challenge in recent Doritos history, if not all of DCP history is winning the Legends Cup. The Legends Cup is the yearly summer tournament in which every army is invited to compete against each other. It is the most prestigious community event of the entire year (if anything in armies is still prestigious anyways)

Our first rival in this tournament is against a small army called the Cold War Federation. While they’ll be the easiest of them all, the tournament will only start to become more and more challenging.

That’s why we will SHOW the entire army community how strong our family is. If our opponent army leaders want to pussy out against us, I’ll donate them diapers to wear so they can spend 24+ hours recruiting.

If you want to fight us, then expect for hell to be unleashed upon you by the holy dorito empire.


Practice Battle vs. IW [ICE MELTED]

Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on to face the Ice Warriors for a Practice Battle instead of invading Mammoth, since it was traded to us & terms have been met. We clearly won this battle, edging them ridiculously in size & tactics. This event alone along with the Winter Land invasion shows me that we are 100% motivated, ready, & prepared to beat whoever stands in our way of the cup. And I know we will. The pictures of today’s battle are below.

The Doritos maxed 60+ and successfully defeated the Ice Warriors on Summit

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Promotions May 30th

Thank You All For Coming To Celebration of Mammoth

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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Member/Moderator/Owner/Troop Of The Week!

Hello troops,

It’s time to bring back some excitement into the DCP and let’s start that excitement by bringing back the weekly updates of this wonderful page.

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Good afternoon Doritos!

Today we logged on to invade Frozen from the Ice Warriors in our Mario Themed event. Thank you to everyone who came!

MAX 65+

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Promotions May 29th

Thank You All For Coming To Our Invasion of Frozen

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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[IMPORTANT] – Summit Restored

❗ Addressed to the holy Dorito Empire ❗

Hello Doritos,

For some time now, a Portuguese/Brazilian army under the alias of the ‘Os Mascarados Army’ (‘the masked army’ in English) had ownership of Summit on the CP Army Media map. The DCP leadership has been theorizing on how we could regain ownership of Summit on this map.

Effectively immediately, the DCP leadership is unrevealing Operation: Summit. Continue reading

AUSIA War Training [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Before I say anything, I just gotta express how hype I am right now. DCP literally is a machine. Upon finding out about the tournament everyone, and I mean everyone, definitely turned it up a notch. And the fact that we just pulled off an AUSIA war training with the types of tactics I saw so early into the event just makes me more & more excited as it gets closer to tournament time. I know we’re going to win this. Our vibe, our family, our overall will to win is unmatched, no discussion. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

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Promotions May 28th

Thank You All For Coming To Our Ausia Event

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page.

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