I’ve Watched, I’ve Waited, The Time Is Now





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Battles for the Week

Hello troops!

Ok, so we need to get some serious stuff done around here. These battles will be of much importance. I expect to see all of you there. If we want to rise and become a stronger army, we need to hold more battles, as well as EVERYONE recruiting. That doesn’t just mean owners. That means all mods and members also. So be ready for a productive week within the army, as there will be much going on throughout this week.


Battle vs Nachos

Saturday, July 5th

Server: Fjord


3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST


Once more, make sure you attend as many of these events as you can. These are of utmost importance that you show up. I know I’ll be there. See you all then troops!

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main leader & Legend


RESULTS: The Battle of Tuxedo!

Hello Troops!

Today We Faced RPF in a battle to the death for the server Tuxedo, and as expected, we once again came out on top! We did an amazing job on tactics and lines, and although our size wasn’t as great as it could have been, we did way better than RPF did so that’s all that really matters anyways right? 😀

and as for anyone who would like to say we lost;

Because we most deff WON!

 To Anyone Else Who Would Like To Challenge Us: BRING. IT. ON!

Your Favorite Flavor Of Doritos Leader;) 


Results of Unscheduled Training

Hello troops!

Today we logged into Summit (one bar) for an unscheduled training session. We did good considering we just logged in without an earlier notice. We maxed out at like 16 and had good tactics.


25 Doritos for all who attended!

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main Leader & Legend

Aussia Training Results

Hello troops!

Today we logged into the server Arctic (one bar) and we had a training session for our Aussia division. We maxed out at 10 and had good tactics. Unfortunately we didn’t get as many pictures as we had hoped for, but the event was an ok effort from the force.

25 Doritos for all troops who attended!

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main Leader & Legend

This Weeks Battles!

New to Doritos? To join click HERE!

Make sure to attend all of these battles, they’re really important! If you don’t know your timezone just click HERE to find out. We’re the best army around and now we just have to prove it.

❗ CPAC Conquest Games Tourny ❗

Saturday, June 29th

Klondike, Dock


2:30pm EST

1:30pm CST

12:30pm MST

11:30am PST

7:30pm UK

Promotion event!

Comment if you can come!


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

Pirates declared dead!

Yesterday we killed a pathetic army with just an unscheduled raid.

Good job everyone. 

Results of Raid on Fog

Hello, Troops!

Today we logged in for an unscheduled raid with our allies in a joint effort to defeat evil in our community. The turnout of this raid was absolutely AMAZING! The sizes were great, tactics were on point, we had lots of fun, and we helped to defeat the evil Pirates! we even had as many as 20 lockouts at one point! So all in all, great job to all DCP troops, and the other armies who joined in on this!

Note: We filled the room, our chat had multiple pools, and we also had many lockouts on CP. 

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Raid of Fog

Hello, Troops!

Here’s a quick notice to the Pirates that we don’t play around. Cyberbullying within the Pirates has recently been exposed, and that’s something that we don’t stand for. The Doritos, along with many others that aren’t satisfied with the Pirates, will crush them in this super-short notice raid.

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Bonza is ours!

Hello, Troops!

Today we logged onto Bonza (1-bar) and we successfully invaded SWAT’s server. SWAT didn’t even show.. pretty weird how Spi threatened to take all 88 of our servers and ended up losing all of his. Spi ragequitted 1 day after he threatened our empire, and now SWAT has a single server remaining.

invasion of bonza5

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