S.W.A.T’s current options.

The Doritos, Being a good neighbor have decided to give S.W.A.T. a second chance…



They can’t even find a good reason to declare war…

What do you mean a second chance Carter? What did S.W.A.T. do wrong?

Let this picture explain it all:

Swat‘s very own leader JUST agreed to a treaty in which they will not have repentance on.

Should They Continue Trying To Wage This War;

  1. The Doritos will ignore their threats, as the battles are outside of our terms.
  2. We will take the following servers from their nation;
    • Icebound
    • Big Surf – Capital
    • Snowboard
    • North Pole
  3. and Finally, we will make fun of them for this attempt until they die (in about 2-3 weeks on average)
  4. No SWAT will be allowed on DCP’s Chat EVER AGAIN

Now, I’ve said I would give them redemption so here it is;

Should they choose to cancel the war;

  1. We will take no action against them.
  2. We will have them moved to the Enemies list.
  3. We will remove them from the alliances hitlist.
  4. No SWAT will be allowed on DCP’s Chat EVER AGAIN

So it’s your choice Swat. Choose carefully, it could quickly cause a demise in your nation.

President Carter

The Doritos Main Leader


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Mother Nature PMSing?

Hello, Troops!

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CPAC March Madness Tournament!

Hello Troops!

I say it’s time for a bit of redemption. These past few CPAC tourney’s have turned out terrible for us, and this time, I think we need to take a stand, and make a change. I’m talking one of the biggest upsets in our history. We must get 30+, We must Eliminate the competition, and WE MUST PREVAIL.

Together, all of these things are possible, but this time, we have to rely on you to keep these dreams safe. Without you, none of this would be possible, and the Doritos would be no more. So stand up, rise against the enemies, and help us defend Club Penguin from evil forces such as the very rotten core of CP Armies. 

All I ask, is that you show for our battles, and take the leaders commands. Then, together, we will not fail, for failure is not in our blood. We will succeed, and we will succeed without complication.

Click Read More For Dates and Times!

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Cleansing on Ascent

We actually had a pretty good event today guys! 😀

We maxed 17 and managed to keep a size of 15 or 14 throughout the event                                                                 Pictures are below [Note:Some pictures were deleted due to computer errors]:







We did wonderful and we got our server back!!!! Keep it up troops!!!


Training Session

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Recruiting Contest! :D

Hello troops,

Since tracking season has started, cp chats are loaded with people, which means we have the chance to recruit like maniacs. Since their is so many people on the chats, I expect to see AT LEAST 65 recruited in total, last time we had a recruiting contest, many people recruited over 40 each, and tracking season wasn’t even around at the time. So we can definitely recruit at least 30 per person again.

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Game Night is Back!

Edit:  The first Game Night will be held today at 8:30 EST to avoid having to wait a whole week for the first one.

Hello DCP :D.  I suggest you hit Read More, because xats are going to be given away!

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A Loss is the Greatest Growing Point Towards Success

Hello Troops!

Today we didnt do our best, no thanks to the huge results from IW (Congrats to IW Btw!)

made a u






Better Luck Next Time Eh?

President Carter

-DCP Leedur

Results of the Raid

Hello, Troops!

Today we decided to have some fun, and Raid the ACP with the Nachos and LT.

No harm was done to any armies, it’s JUST FOR FUN.

We averaged 16 throughout the event and maxed 20+ and our tactics have REALLY improved.

To abolish all thoughts of rouges, I took some pictures of our chat size.

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