Success On Beanie!

Hello Doritos,

Today we went on Beanie and did rather good for a fall. I expect much recruiting to be done in order to retain our top 3 position in the top ten. Although we only maxed 13 our chat size was full and mostly everyone logged on to attend. I expect 15+ on the next recruiting event. Enough talk let’s get to the pictures shall we?

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CPAC Christmas Chaos Round 1 Times

Hey troops, since no leader was making this post I just might aswell. Anways, we have been entered into the CPAC Christmas Chaos tournament. Here are the times!

Round 1 Times

Doritos vs Ice Warriors

December 1st

12 PST





Comment if you can make it!

Note For leaders: No one was making this post so I made quick version. Feel free to make changes!

Αlpha & Ωmega

DW is Back

You may of  heard DW is back. Me and Unk have made a truce. Heres some proof

So there is No War. DCP is now allies with Dark Warriors 😀

Thats All.

Events This Week

Hello DCP,

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Le Coup of Pain & New Leader.

Aaron Edit: Also, Alfrondo has been grounded until New Years. So there is a new Temp Leader. You may not want to piss him off. You might call him a bias motherf*cker. But. The new Temp Leader is. Bluecockwa1. Bluesockwa1**

Hello DCP,


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Pictures for Top Ten!

Greetings Doritos/CPAC Top Ten Maker,

Since our site was defaced this weeks pictures will be posted here!

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Site Defaced

Greetings Doritos,

Our site has been defaced by Beast, reason being he was overthrown by Alfrondo. Important posts from this week were deleted and unfortunately they can not be recovered. However Alfrondo  has back ups from 30 days ago and has restored the pages, they will be updated. Beast will be added to the hall of shame for this act, I take full responsibility for this as I made him leader in the first place. We have moved chats, the new chat is:

Hey Leaders

Alfrondo: Don’t come to me wanting help on this. You HAVE to do this on your own, and can NOT depend on us. We won’t always be here to fix your problems.

This message goes out towards the current leaders of DCP.

❗ This post has swearing in it, be advised. ❗

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Hey, It’s time to start backup, we will start with these recruiting/training sessions, to build up.

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DCP – wake up?

Hey guys,

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