CPAC is never coming back so stop trying

The title is very self explanatory, to all those that don’t know another incredible legend committee was formed to decide the fate of certain legends that most of whom the committee know literally nothing about and just read a wall of text and judge them on how much they liked them. Guess what? You can gather all of the idiots you can, try to flip around situations and use all the foolery and bribery you can to ensure you’re pals have the top spot but it wont matter. CPAC isn’t coming back and nothing will ever reach its influence. Please give up, the blue brothers don’t care about this and they certainly wont let you edit things out and decide who you liked or not. Anyways have a great day and get on with your lives!

DCP: Hey I’ve got a lot of things going on so I will not be a last minute therapist if you guys throw tantrums or whatever. 32op has my contact information if its absolutely needed. Have fun and try to enjoy life, don’t try to base yourself around a game currently being ran by people older than even me! (SAD!)


Doritos Co-Creator