DCP 13 Year Anniversary

Hello troops/former troops,

Today marks a special mark in DCP history; it’s been 13 years since I created the Doritos of CP on February 8, 2010.

I didn’t want to make a massive post since the majority of our history can be seen on our history page and our recent celebration event has already been posted over the weekend.

I just wanted to thank all of you personally who showed up to the recent event in such short notice, plus everyone who has contributed to our history in any way. We were voted as one of the biggest armies of all time and it is a major milestone. When I created DCP in 2010 I absolutely never saw the future statistics coming after I retired, but i’m glad I stook around as an advisor and somewhat temporary leader at points years ago. I created the Doritos with minor original Club Penguin army experience and managed to get it into the top ten within weeks in a intense army battlezone within weeks and later World Power status within 2 months against the army I originally joined and others that were always top three. Despite our positive and negative history, i’d like to thank legends like 32op, Mustapha10, Bam117 for resuming the legacy and all of the other legends and troops who followed and contributed. The statistic couldn’t have been done with all of your help. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make the recent event I would have loved to. It’s fantastic that I see we maxed more than the armies that are still around, i’m still confident that we would still be the top dog.

Love you all!



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