Christmas Chaos Round 1 vs. Red Ravagers [RESULTS]

What’s up Doritos!

Today we logged onto for the first round of the final tournament of the year: Christmas Chaos! We went against the Red Ravagers in this fun but intense battle. After 30 minutes of battling, with using creative tactics and formations, we were victorious! As the judges stated, we won due to our “immense size advantage as well as [our] huge formations and exciting tactics“. Amazing job Doritos!

Max: 49

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Practice Battle w/ Water Vikings (results)

Hey Doritos!

Earlier today we logged on Klondike for a fun practice battle against the Water Vikings! After having fun and creative formation and tactics, we won the battle. We managed to max 52 troops!

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Super CPPS Event Nov 24

Hola Doritos! Today, on Tuesday November 24th, we held an event for our lovely Spanish division on our commonly used CPPS, Super Club Penguin. We managed to fill up the server and reached a max of at least 49 penguins!

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Doritos Dinamita Training vs Roti Warriors [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!!

On Monday, November 23rd at 5 PM EST, we logged on White House for a fun Dinamita vs Roti Warriors event. Apart from chanting different/fun tactics, we also did loads of cool and creative formations! We managed to max 45+ troops! Overall we did amazing!

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[UK] Practice Battle W/ Water Vikings [RESULTS]

Yo Doritos!

Earlier today we logged onto Alaska for a fun practice battle against the Water Vikings! After creating some fun formations and chanting creative tactics, we unfortunately lost however we still had a blast. We managed to max 41 troops! Amazing job everyone.

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SCP AUSIA Event [Results]

Hello Doritos!

On Saturday, November 21st, we logged onto Super Club Penguin for a fun AUSIA event! We were able to max 45+ penguins! Although it was quite laggy, we still had some fun! Here are some pictures from the event below:

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Super Club Penguin Event Nov 20

Today we had an amazing amount of people attending our SCPPS event! With a reach of 65 people coming to this event, we made sure to leave a spot and have a fun time with everyone that attended! Even with some lag issues, this event was incredibly successful!!!

SCPPS Event Count

Count of people doing tactics. In counts without tactics we believe we reached 65!

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The Blue Event Nov 19

Welcome back to another event of DCP! Today we have reached up to 32 members!

!size DCP count marked in a red line

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going out for smokes

Take it easy

~ Bam

[US/UK] Mehak’s Birthday Party and PB w/ Crimson Guardians

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged onto White House to celebrate Mehak’s birthday. Along with that, we had a battle against the Crimson Guardians. We managed to max 46 troops. Awesome job guys!

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