13 years old!

The place we hold close to us forever was created by Wwebestfan 13 years ago yet we are still able to get together with our brothers in arms, our family and make memories! So nostalgic, so lovely. I’m going to review our anniversary event in this post, showing my favorite parts.

This is where legends are made
In honor of our beloved whipped legend, Meerrkat/Elvis
The Dorito girl wink…
Alfrondo gives out the orders to do CAKES for our Anniversary
Possum told everyone to do this tactic because: Long ago on the original Club Penguin the Doritos were so awesome at being so big that we would consistently call everyone a small fry. Moospie once meant to type that there was a fruit fly in her room. She instead said that it was a small fry! There’s a small fry flying around my room!
The Doritos produce an absolutely factual statement.
55 Doritos logged on after being non alive for so long with short notice (more than like any army can get hah)
Doritos seemingly infuriated because Lord Pain was sleeping during the reunion
THE FOUR KINGS!!! Bam117 Jester West Mustapha10!!! THE BOYS!!!!!! This was in honor of running the Doritos of CP and building it from 2013 and onwards, even when they aren’t there they’re there.
It was indeed, in the house.
Moospie is the reason Harry Styles won a grammy tonight
The Doritos are more than just an army. It’s unlike anything else, truly unprecedented. Only those who were apart of it will ever truly understand.
With love, the DCP legends are pictured above


Family forever



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