Game night pictures(unscechuled)

So we logged in cp, unscechuled at 6:00 pm MST, we did great averaging 14 maxing 18,remember this was UNSCECHULED

AUS Invasion of Ice Cold – Results

Hello Troops.

So today, at a AUS timed-battle, which was also placed at 1am EST, and 6am UK, so we wouldn’t really have our normal-seen troops, we invaded yet another server of ST’s, and they didn’t show up again, so we had an automatic win. Ice Cold server is now Ours.

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Operation: Redo

Wwebestfan edit: Check the ranks page, I have promoted the people who I believe were active enough to deserve one.

Hello troops.

It seems to me that one of our enemies, the Puffle Warriors, need events (that’s what I think anyways) So, we will help you out PW, by taking the rest of your servers, or as you can say; YOUR ENTIRE NATION.

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Game night&events

❗ The person who recruits the most people to join today, will receive double promotions. ❗

Wwebestfan edit: We currently own over 20 servers! Let’s continue in getting more.

Ok so as many of you know, we will be hosting a game night, we will play games such as snakeban/mazeban/matchban/codeban races,manacla, find four, sled race, and Card Jitsu, we will be giving out to powers, days, and maybe some xats so you better come! Anyways during the game night we will also be having an Australian invasion, comment if u can/cant come:

Game night:


6:00 pm  EST- 10:00 am EST

5:00 pm CST- 9:00 am CST

4:00 pm MST- 8:00 am MST

3:00 pm PST – 7:00 am PST

11:00 pm UK- 3:00 pm UK

10:00 pm(sunday) Sydney- 2:00 pm(monday)

Invasion of Walrus

(tommorow during Game night)

5:00 pm WA(western)

6:00 CA(central)

 7:00 pm EA(eastern)

1:00  am EST(friday)

12:00 am CST

 11:oo pm MST

 10:00 pm PST

Huge win on Sparkle

Hello Troops.

Today we invaded another ST server, 2nd one today, and we completely owned and we we’re worthy enough to be in the top 5. ST was on for like 2 minutes in the beginning, then ran off because of our sizes.

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Victory on Slushy!

*Note: Slushy was/is a plain server, so we did not have any rouges*

Hello Troops, today we sucessfuly invaded Slushy with no opposition from ST!

With the sad retirement of our Euro Leader, Noa I have appointed Mohm and Jodie as Euro leaders.

Mohm, Jodie, and I all started recruiting one hour and twenty minutes before the event, getting up to 14 on chat at one point, averaging 10-12. We later login it was a great battle for Euro, averaging 7 and maxing 9 now here are the pics:

Capturing of Parka

Hello Troops.

Today, we successfully invaded ST’s server, Parka. Yes.. that means we won it.

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What do Expect in Wartime.

Since we have been getting many new recruits, I decided to make a “what to expect in wartime” guide.  Now Wartime can be preatty crazy, the reason of why a lot of leaders retire during wartime is because of stress. Leaders have to do so many things during wartime that is stresses them so bad they retire.

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28/03/2012's Biggest Chat Size of the Day

Title says it all, here was the biggest size we had today.

Keep recruiting,


28/03/2012’s Biggest Chat Size of the Day

Title says it all, here was the biggest size we had today.

Keep recruiting,