Main Leaders

Main leaders have been commonly known as the “Head” leaders of the army, and unlike the normal count for leaders, there have been very few. Over the past years, we have seen around only five people we could call our main leaders. Those who rose to the occasion and made DCP its best whenever they were leading.


Wwebestfan is the creator of DCP, and leader of its very first generation. His leadership rained from 2010-2012, and he worked with almost all the legends in DCP in duel leaderships. When he led, DCP saw sizes of 40-45 and high placements in CPAC’s Top 10. Wwebestfan is considered DCP’s greatest leader ever.


When Alfrondo first led, he led alongside Wwebestfan. After Wwe’s retirement, Alfrondo was named the main leader of DCP, and it wasn’t until late summer of 2010, where he would grab the remains of DCP and pull them together for Wwebestfan’s return. Through ups and downs, Alfrondo proved he was a great leader here in DCP, and will always be considered one of DCP’s finest.


Bam117 joined DCP in early 2010 around the time DCP was created, and has been leader many times and was a very well known figure in both the Doritos and the CPA community. Partly working alongside Wwebestfan and Alfrondo during his first couple of terms, Bam has also led with Mustapha10 in 2013 and 2015 where he would help DCP hit a golden age in both years, with sizes of 55+ in 2013, and sizes of 80-100 in 2015.

> He would brag about it for years to come <<


Mustapha has been in DCP for many years, but it wasn’t until around 2012 when he would take on the spotlight as leader and lead DCP to a golden age along side Wwebestfan and Cul, Reaching the number 1 spot on the top 10 for the first time ever. But it didn’t stop there for him. After DCP died, he would return to reclaim his beloved army and brought it back into action. Eventually, Mustapha and Bam117 would bring DCP to their highest point in history and lead them to their second golden age, reaching sizes that were unprecedented. Mustapha would lead for years before retiring, and when he did retire, DCP had fallen drastically and nearly died. He would then return yet again to help get the army to heights of 80-100+ on Club Penguin and helped keep DCP 1st for multiple years. DCP was named the army of 2015 with Mustapha10 being named the most influential figure of the year. He continued to lead as the most consistent leader in DCP history, going as far as to lead DCP as the biggest and strongest army until 201 before Club Penguin shut down. Mustapha10 then brought back the Doritos yet AGAIN after the closure of CP. In 2019 the Doritos began hitting record sizes of nearly 200 multiple times – helping create the best community Club Penguin has ever seen, breaking the barriers and setting a new precedent as the Doritos were now the largest and most powerful army to ever exist. 

> He would also brag about it for years to come, just not as bad as Bam <<


32op has always been a large contribution to the army since 2012, but it wasn’t until 2019 that he would bring back the Doritos alongside Mustapha10 yet completely outshining him. He became the main leader of the army even while Mustapha10 and Wwebestfan were actively at the helm. 32op oversaw record breaking sizes, not only in the Doritos but in the history of Club Penguin armies. Reaching sizes of nearly 200 consistently all while creating the best community Club Penguin has ever seen. 32op ensured that the Doritos were the number 1 army every single week throughout the entire duration of his leadership. Making the DCP legacy better and stronger, 32op is a vital factor as to why the Doritos are a force to be reckoned with.

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