[UK Battle] Win over IW and ACP

Hello Troops,

Today we logged on to Jack Frost for a raid only to find ourselves battling ACP,along side 3 other armies! With the aid of LT it became an impressive battle asNachos and IW raided ACP’s event.

Doritos were the largest of the 4 with great tactics pulled a far deserved win for the DCP and LT

raiding jack frost2


Screenshot at Mar 25 14-57-49

Screenshot at Mar 25 14-51-52

raiding jack frost3raiding jack frost4raiding jack frost2


IW annihilated

Hello, Troops!

Today we destroyed IW again, as we are the actual number 1 army. We completely outnumbered and outperformed them. We defeated a force truly evil! Great Job to everyone who attended, keep up the great job Doritos!

summit iw14

summit iw19 summit iw7 summit iw1   summit iw21summit iw17

Screenshot at Mar 24 20-22-35Screenshot at Mar 24 20-15-19

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 & Jester

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Hello, Troops!

This battle is the most important battle of the year! Everyone who attends will receive an automatic promotion! Make plans ahead of time to attend this battle, this should be everyone number 1 priority. At this battle it is a MUST to give it every single thing we got. Every single thing we do at this battle MUST be perfect in order to bring home a victory and make history.


March Madness Final Battle

Sunday, March 22nd

Klondike, Town


3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CST

1:00 PM MST

12:00 PM PST

7:00 PM GMT

Comment if you can come!

Nachos – DEFEATED!

Hello, Troops!

Today was absolutely amazing. This was the best performance that I have ever witnessed, and we completely annihilated the evil Nachos. We proved everyone wrong, and now we are moving on to the finals, for our chance to make history. Great job to everyone of you who attended this battle, words cannot express how proud I am of each and every single one of you who made this possible. At our next tournament battle, we WILL make history and we will continue to dominate and destroy evil, 1 inch at a time. Family Forever.

a1a2a3tourney vs nachos7 tourney vs nachos18tourney vs nachos3

Screenshot at Mar 14 16-08-51 Screenshot at Mar 14 16-12-58

tourney vs nachos17tourney vs nachos14tourney vs nachos16

Some of lockouts

Some of our lockouts

Extra Chat Pool (chat pool maxes out at 60+)

Extra Chat Pool
(chat pool maxes out at 60+)

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

March Madness III Semi Finals – VICTORY





To all DCP

Hey Doritos,

Today we have the opportunity to take ourselves one step closer to making history. This is our chance, our time to shine. Together, not only as an army, but as a family. If we give it our best, if we are fast, and if we bring people to come to the battle, and do every single tactic to perfection, then we will move on to the final round of the tournament.

~Kyle103 Second In Command

Doritos: The Greatest Army

Hello, Troops!

We did what everyone said we couldn’t do, but it doesn’t end here.

I currently hold the record for leading this army to the 1st place position more times than anyone else, but let me say this: we have never been this powerful. We are currently superior in all 3 divisions. Our UK is the strongest, and our AUSIA is the strongest. We have proven this time and time again within this generation (whenever we go to war). Our UK and AUSIA divisions emerged during war times and defended the empire with massive results and inevitable success. Furthermore, our USA division is known for our unparalleled supremacy.

Tomorrow, we will show everyone what our army is capable of. Everyone who can attend the battle, should do so. United we conquer, Divided we fall. 

Not to mention, we have hardly any owners or moderators (We have begun to make mods/owners yesterday). We haven’t hired outsiders at all; we did this alone.

[UK] Friday Mass Training Results

Hello, Troops!

Today our amazing UK division logged onto the 1-bar server Fog for Friday’s mass training. We did exceptionally well, averaging a size of 25 Doritos. The training took place in the Town, Mine, Ski Village and Ice Berg, where we perfected tactics and worked on neatening our formations. All in all, superb job today UK Doritos, we now have the strongest UK force in CP armies! Continue reading for the event pictures.

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