I’m still here as well

Hey remaining doritos that check the site from time to time well in this post which won’t be that long i’m going to share all of the great memories i’ve had here, i’d like to call myself probably the most loyal soldier and leader to step foot into this army along with few others that went on to become legends.


Well god damn it has been such a ride of ups and downs i remember when i first came into this army, DCP is home that i will cherish throughout my career in this community its really became a home, it’s something i cannot explain fully through words i have so much loyalty to this army i once went to UPA for like a few hours and came back because dcp was my home army and i missed it all too much. I’d really hate to see it die like this especially how it did but now it has i feel regret not trying to save it from death but all i can say is when the time comes the Doritos of CP will rise again i don’t know when but when it does i’m sure going to be here i’m ever going to forget this army, its where i was made and taught me so many valuable leadership skills that i have taken with me and won’t forget. I’ve especially made so many friends and arguably one of my closest on here is Bam, west and mustapha, Mustapha i don’t know how to repay him he’s given me the chance to promote me to 2nd in command when i first got the hang of all this and really took a chance on me and i hope i hadn’t let him down this far in my career. West and Bam are like the package 2 of the most funniest guys on this game we play, i swear. Being here for a long period of time grows chemistry with everyone and a feeling only a certain person can understand i’m going to use Thierry henry (famous footballer) he came back to arsenal in 2012 because he loved the atmosphere and the fans so much that he came back to the club he once changed forever and remains arsenal legend and has a statue of bronze.

Some stories

When Toy lost the banners mustapha flipped out on him and me and bam we’re just laughing and telling him he had one job, one job..lol this still continues to this day that we tell him this, i try to remind him every time i see him.

The times when bam would not speak for like an hour and just randomly typed a chat, on chat for all doritos to raid for example, ACP chat we raided them, uma, AR, nachos..etc all just spamming like retards ”’OHHH DCP KILLED IT OHHHHHHHH’

When me,bam,mustapha and west all went tiny chat trolling that was the funniest shit i’ve ever seen my stomach literally couldn’t take it lol.

Theres many more but i can’t think right now.

SO yeah i don’t know when but it will i hope, nothing lasts forever..

Thank you DCP, for everything

Jester – Former dcp leader, signing off.


I’m still here, I still care.

Although you know me as a traitor, I must inform you it’s quite the opposite. I might be in the Dark Warriors right now, but what was I going to do? DCP used to be a sublime army, virtually consisting of zero flaws, but I oversaw the chaos that was bound to occur. Mustapha10, don’t get me wrong – you’re a good leader in terms of comparing you to the leaders that recently took over, for sure, but I think we can agree that everyone was tired of you leading and wanted change. Face it, without the people like you, me, or bam, DCP would have died a lot quicker. It’s sad to realize it that way, but it’s the unfair truth. We tried to teach the new generation of leaders our ways in order to retain our unmoving success, but it’s clear that didn’t work. It’s either WE didn’t focus well enough on the future leaders, and more on present happenings, and that conflicted with the future, or it was vice versa.

Forget about our pasts, it’s all about what is GOING to happen, and what is currently happening. I am no longer the person you should be hating. It should be ourselves for the carelessness we have placed into this army, and for that: we endow hell.

There’s nothing we can do now except accept our fate and only embrace the memories that have been graced for us.


Xxtoysoldier’s Cool Ranch DCP Division vs Mustapha10’s Cheesy DCP Division. Ended as a tie



United We Stand

15x9tup (1)



fun iw battle7

invasion of tuxedo23


Throwback to a tournament battle against ACP

-Xxtoysoldier, DCP Legend, DW Leader. Never forget.

The Great Journey [Shut Down]

DCP a once top ten contender throughout this year has suddenly fallen into pieces, what has happened? how might this have happened?

After thoroughly investigating I’ve come to a few conclusions as to what exactly happened

Terrible Leaders

After the coup of Rish, who at the time had DCP retaining top ten by forming a ausia division (The US division already small but not quite dead) along with West retiring prior to this, Eventually leadership fell into the hands of a clown named Scientistnerd, the few who knew of him were old DCP leaders such as my self and Alfrondo, Sci used to be a 2ic and was “Good at recruiting” too everyones “suprise” soon after his appointment he ended being a terrible mistake, He also had Alfrondo (One of title given “Co Creator”) who at the time had been retired for years. These two jokes decided that exiling out any existance of Mustapha10 and leaving everyone DCP owner/Leader who quit on the site to talk shit to Big Musta while he was gone was a GENIUS idea. I don’t have personal options on what happened with them and Mustapha10 but what i do know is all of them were so distracted with “ANTI MUSTA ACT” that when they got him out they didn’t know what the bloody hell to even DO.
Scientistnerd- This is the leader who coup’ed to retain power and ended up leaving a few days later, I wonder what his mind state was and still is. If you ever see this clown join your army make sure to never give this guy leader. This guy is like one of those funny looking Walmart workers that you aren’t sure about, so you try to avoid eye contact with.
Alfrondo- On the first note he is almost as old as I am, Meaning he shouldn’t have even THOUGHT of taking over DCP again, and epicly failing…Again. And when i say again- Back around 2012 (when DCP died out) Pain was currently (some of you’ll be like “ohh noo”) But realistically speaking pain had DCP on lock at the time, Until Aaronstone jumped in and got alf in on a coup, the very next day it ended up exactly as Alf and sci’s leadership happened (them sitting on a chat alone).
How could i possible describe these two individuals to you?

This is about as good as it gets to giving any kind of visualization of these two gentlemen.

Anyways what’s done is done. I’ll be releasing a historic post soon thanking many of the leaders and key personnel for the overall success of DCP.

At this point I, Bam117 am here by Shutting down The Doritos Army of Club Penguin in hopes that one day this army will truly go beyond the horizon.

the journey ends….for now


Note: This is a quick response.  A final and  brief conclusion will be presented soon enough, As it needs to look a little more fancy right?

Current Situation

Hey DCP, this is mainly for the current leadership which I’m not exactly sure who they are.

I’ve done a bit of investigation on this situation and I would like to talk to West and Alfrondo ASAP. I know I came out of no where but just know I always check on DCP at least once a week and I do visit chat not logged in. 🙂

DCP Will Not Be Losing Any Owners Or Firing Anyone

DCP Is Not Being Killed Or What Not, Musta Was Attempting To Gain Control Blah Blah Blah. Anyways That Is Taken Care Of And No One, I Repeat NO ONE Is Being Fired. If You Have Left Thinking This, We Would Love For You To Return To DCP And Help Us Build The Army.

The DCP Administration

Hello, Troops!

As many of you know, I have returned as Main Leader of the Doritos Army. I, nor the rest of the administration, will be going anywhere. Just because Mustapha is thirsty for power doesn’t mean we give in, troops.

To Mustapha: You are RETIRED. As long as I am still alive, I will see to it that you do not gain control of this army ever again. 

To DCP: You all are protected by your current Doritos Administration. No need to worry, we have it under control.

To the CP Army World: We WILL be back.

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My Two Cents

Hello troops,

As you may or may not know, there has been a bit of turmoil lately here in the Doritos. There have been rumors of the entire leadership being couped, all because Musta does not agree with the decisions. Well, I am here to tell all of you this WILL NOT happen. Mustapha, hear this; you have no power in this army any longer. I will not stand dormant and watch you relish this army’s great legacy. I may not be in Doritos anymore, but so long as I have some kind of power in the army, I will personally make sure you are never to return. You are corrupt and a tyrant. I will not stand for it. It’s time you make an adjustment to your condescending attitude.

Mustapha, this is my one and only warning to you. Recognize you are no longer in power. If you are willing to accept this fate, then all will be well. However, if you fail to comply, you will be reprimanded.

Lord West, Doritos of CP Legend

Message To Mustapha

Hello fellow Doritos

So apparently Mustapha wants to coup the entire leadership in favor of rishron in which rishron can’t lead for crap (I guess the two have something in common after all). Mustapha I don’t know why you even attempt to make these ruthless decisions you’re only hurting our grand empire by allowing a hopper to lead rather than former leaders. You always ditch DCP once DCP shrinks and you just make some ignorant excuse regarding your absence. You have always propelled us in the wrong direction with your disgraceful decisions but I’ve never seen you preform a stunt as dishonorable as this. You’re retired now so do us a favor and stay retired for once.

My Message to DCP

Doritos, I love you and this army. In one day we built a UK division of 12 and have got over 20 UK troops in 2 days. I know this army was going to rise, but because of some people like Mustapha and Rishron, this current leadership is getting fired. This is not official yet, but we are pretty sure this will happen. I put a lot into this army and you did so much for me. The loyal troops here are great, some of the best in armies. I will never forget my time here, but I would rather resign then get fired by Rishron who betrayed us for Light Troops.  We have achieved so much, but never forget the true legends. People like Toy, Kingdra, Bam, Jester, Wwe and Alfrondo. DCP is and will be forever written in the history of great armies.

The Shield Will Always Be Feared

I hereby resign from the Dorito Empire.

Note From Sci

No One Is Being Fired, The Musta Problem Is Dealt With And Any Troop Who Has Left Should Return

Practice Battle V Light Troops: Results

Hey Doritos,

Today we logged onto Ice Box , to face the Light Troops in a PB. We maxed 12 and averaged 10, if we can build a UK division to 12 in a day, imagine what we could do in a week. Thanks to Sci for pictures. Comment if you came!!

Fear The Shield

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