The Great Journey [Shut Down]

DCP a once top ten contender throughout this year has suddenly fallen into pieces, what has happened? how might this have happened?

After thoroughly investigating I’ve come to a few conclusions as to what exactly happened

Terrible Leaders

After the coup of Rish, who at the time had DCP retaining top ten by forming a ausia division (The US division already small but not quite dead) along with West retiring prior to this, Eventually leadership fell into the hands of a clown named Scientistnerd, the few who knew of him were old DCP leaders such as my self and Alfrondo, Sci used to be a 2ic and was “Good at recruiting” too everyones “suprise” soon after his appointment he ended being a terrible mistake, He also had Alfrondo (One of title given “Co Creator”) who at the time had been retired for years. These two jokes decided that exiling out any existance of Mustapha10 and leaving everyone DCP owner/Leader who quit on the site to talk shit to Big Musta while he was gone was a GENIUS idea. I don’t have personal options on what happened with them and Mustapha10 but what i do know is all of them were so distracted with “ANTI MUSTA ACT” that when they got him out they didn’t know what the bloody hell to even DO.
Scientistnerd- This is the leader who coup’ed to retain power and ended up leaving a few days later, I wonder what his mind state was and still is. If you ever see this clown join your army make sure to never give this guy leader. This guy is like one of those funny looking Walmart workers that you aren’t sure about, so you try to avoid eye contact with.
Alfrondo- On the first note he is almost as old as I am, Meaning he shouldn’t have even THOUGHT of taking over DCP again, and epicly failing…Again. And when i say again- Back around 2012 (when DCP died out) Pain was currently (some of you’ll be like “ohh noo”) But realistically speaking pain had DCP on lock at the time, Until Aaronstone jumped in and got alf in on a coup, the very next day it ended up exactly as Alf and sci’s leadership happened (them sitting on a chat alone).
How could i possible describe these two individuals to you?

This is about as good as it gets to giving any kind of visualization of these two gentlemen.

Anyways what’s done is done. I’ll be releasing a historic post soon thanking many of the leaders and key personnel for the overall success of DCP.

At this point I, Bam117 am here by Shutting down The Doritos Army of Club Penguin in hopes that one day this army will truly go beyond the horizon.

the journey ends….for now


Note: This is a quick response.  A final and  brief conclusion will be presented soon enough, As it needs to look a little more fancy right?

3 Responses

  1. R.I.P
    The day I saw this legendary army reach sizes of 50+ in those few glorious battles, I thought this day would never conclude. I never believed DCP would EVER die.
    Whatever happens happens, Xxtoysoldier – DCP Former Leader & Legend

  2. guys im really sorry to hear that this happend to you im in the nacho army and it was fun just having the time to be with you guys i really hope in the next month you will mantain power but trust me you better fear the sombrerro.
    plus LOL XD they do look like walmart workers

  3. Well nice to know how you feel man thought we used to be friends but aight. I don’t deny anything, pointless to argue.

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