Hello Doritos,

Today we had a decent training session on summit, where we maxed 21 and averaged 20 throughout the entire event. Tactics were alright and we did very good for having an event on New Year’s Eve. Regardless, we need to improve formations as formation speed wasn’t that fast. Overall, we did good, and I wish everyone a happy new year!







~13yearoldn00b, Doritos Leader




Hey Doritos,

Tonight/this morning we decided to have ausia training as we had a decent chat size. With this, we maxed 15 on CP, and averaged 13 throughout the event. I only managed to take one picture, as lightshot was glitching the entire time. Good job!



~13yearoldn00b, Doritos Leader

Status Quo

Never Forget who the real ones were.
Some of you may still have huge problems with Mustapha, but suck my nuts because he was Loyal to the core.

Doritos of Club Penguin

If you have talked trash, made up lies and spread nothing but non sense then you are no legend
Remember that

A lot can change in a year..


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[UK] Nachos Practice Battle

Today we had a practice battle with the Nachos on Fjord. Both armies had great sizes and tactics, however, we are not afraid to admit defeat. We maxed 25 and averaged 23. The Nachos had more on Club Penguin and better formations. Good job Nachos, it was awesome to practice with you guys.








DCP Legend Inductions

Hello troops,

2016 is about to come to an end, and 2017 is fast approaching. For this year, we will be having certain individuals being inducted into the Doritos of Club Penguin’s Hall of Fame, and possibly some given the glory of being given the Medal of Honor.

I have been paying extra close attention the past few months and parts of the last few years, and some soldiers shouldn’t be left unrecognized for their hard work and perseverance while being in the DCP. This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime, and the figures who are added into the lists are highly respected as being a great part of our history.

The names of the individuals will not be getting released in this or another post, and nobody but myself knows who will be inducted. This is to prevent popularity votes from taking place.

The post with the those who are being inducted will be released Monday or Tuesday.

Bye for now,


My Return and Expectations

Hello Troops,

I’ve done this many times before but each one feels like i’ve never left. The Doritos over the past months have been hit with accusations/confirmations all relating back to one thing. The wretched word so famous in our community ”Multilogging”. Well, i can sure you that zero of that will be tolerated as long as i, Wwe and my fellow colleagues are around. let it be known if something like that is brought to my attention you will be banned from this army entirely or dealt with by punishment.
Now for the interesting part.. my return. I feel now as CPAC Legend i want to do more for this community for example make it more competitive again like it was in previous generations so my goal for the the DCP is to become more aggressive in warfare, i want us to be higly competitive with the best because to be the best you must beat the best. I have been graced with leading massive wars like LT vs DW in 2014. Another thing if i’m allowed i would like to work with CPAC as a writer and develop as one(english isnt my first) or something of significance that brings good change to the army world. I plan my tenure to be long and i plan it to be productive as possible benefiting not only DCP but to make the game better for everyone and i know morale is low.

For my owners:

Keep in mind we have a lot of you, which isnt a bad thing it just proves to me you are where you are because you are someone with potential however there is more than i expected coming back into the army so give me time thats all i ask of you, if feel stuck or hopeless about your future here then let me know i will work something out. I have been in your shoes before, Mustapha would promise me in my case leader if i recruiting x many hours when i did i got the short end of the stick. i know what its like and i understand the fustration. Also, with promotions comes responsibility, multitasking and maturity those are 3 key things you must learn in order for this job.

I would also like to note that i will be joining the U.S. Marines which is very soon.

– jester Doritos Army Leader & CPAC Legend

[UK] Christmas Chaos Celebration

Sup Doritos

We marched on Chinook to celebrate in our victory at the Christmas Chaos. We were bot-raided as anticipated and we moved to Summit, to carry out the remainder of the event. We maxed 20 and averaged 18. We had a chat-box size of 40.





DCP UK Leader

Update on DCP’s Foreign Affairs

Greetings Doritos.

After this mornings endeavors there may be some confusion on the status of DCP’s foreign policy situation. This will be a rundown on the evolution of events.


DCP returned ACP and AR’s servers back to them, as well as RPF’ conquered lands they have invaded. DCP will remain neutral in the war with RPF and will not interfere. We will remain allies with them, stated below. 



Allies and Neutral

It has become aware that not many people completely understand who we are allies and Neutral with. It is completely understandable considering the events of the past 24 hours. Here is the list as follows.


Brother Allies: Army of Club Penguin

Army of the Republic



Underground Mafia Army



Rebel Penguin Federation

Night Warriors

Wild Ninjas


Any other army not listed

Allied Leaders on chat

As we all know, DCP has a policy of keeping allied leaders as mod on the chat. Here is the list specifically of such entitled to be mod. There is a limit of 2 representatives per army.

ACP: Super Edwin, King Mondo

Nachos: Dan101, Conno11

Army Republic: Sai, TheMemeBean

Golds: Antonio960, Coqui

UMA: Step, Trader

Besides this list, no one, not including retired Doritos leaders, shall be made mod unless they are currently a mod in the army. Anyone modding against this list will have to talk to the leadership about their actions.

May this new generation flourish. Until next time,

Mikester DCP Leader

13yearoldn00b DCP Leader

32op DCP Leader

Jester DCP Leader

Lord Pain Rages

So after I screwed RPF over with the ACP/AR server transfer, Lord Pain wrote a 7 paragraph essay on RPF site, bashing me and saying I’m apparently a “temporary leader” of DCP, and that I’m brainwashed for protecting ACP. He has some personal vendetta against ACP for absolutely no reason and sees them as a huge threat to any army he leads and blames them for the downfall of the community. He claims that ACP/AR aren’t official armies anymore and even requested CPAC not to include them on top ten LOL. I don’t know what this guy is on, maybe hes just angry DCP destroyed them in war and then ruined all of RPF’s plans by getting ACP and AR’s servers, but hes mentally unstable and has been the laughing stock of CPA for years. (in competition with Elmikey of course) All Lord Pain has ever done with his career is join armies who are already big, get carried by everyone around him, and then get couped a week later. I honestly feel bad for the actual troops in RPF, who are led by raging 20 year olds, but hey its your problem not mine, I carried that mess over the summer, and I’ll be sure to stay as far away from it as I can.

And for ol’ times sake, I thought this little video right here would be appropriate following Lord Pain’s hissy fit on RPF site. Enjoy!

Never forget


RPF Is A Meme

So today, RPF signed a treaty with DCP lasting until March 2017, so they could go after ACP/AR and easily beat them. But what they completely disregarded is that since neither RPF nor DCP can invade each other until March, with a punishment of the offender losing their entire nation, ACP/AR can just give us their servers, and they will have no one to invade. Congratulations RPF, you played yourself.

Now before RPF makes up claims that these agreements aren’t validated, or that not all ACP or AR leaders signed it, or not all DCP leaders signed it, lets be perfectly clear that the treaty between DCP and RPF was only signed by one leader, so you’re shit out of luck.

Super Edwin, ACP Leader, gave DCP all of the servers they took from RPF along with the rest of ACP’s nation. The terms of the agreement can be seen below.

TheMemeBean, AR Leader, also signed an agreement giving DCP all of the servers they took from RPF and the rest of their nation. The terms of this agreement are below.

ACP & AR’s servers are safe with us, and on behalf of the entire DCP leadership, we would again like to apologize to ACP and AR for pulling out of the war without agreeing on it first. We could’ve had the entirety of RPF’s nation by the end of next week, however DCP’s initial goal of protecting ACP and our allies from RPF has officially been achieved.