Guess Who’s Back

Hey DCP!

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Tournament Time

All DCP soldiers need to attend this event. Be on our chat box at this exact time:

Saturday, March 4th
Doritos vs IW
3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST.
8pm UK

Promotions will be given to the people who perform well. This is one of our final shots to prove we’re the best. Let’s do it.


Training Session [SUCCESS]

Today we held a 1 – day notice training session where it was a great success. We are the greatest to ever do this, we let our numbers talk. Nothing can stop us. DCP is unprecedented. We will continue to prosper, and if you aren’t with us then you can just witness this greatness.



Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend 


DCP site is fully restored, we just have to upload each and every post individually which is time consuming. In time, it will all be fully uploaded again. This wasn’t a hacking at all, it was just someone extremely butthurt and willing to waste their entire night. All this did was raise our security standards. Trader sent his alternate account an admin invite on February 7th before he was kicked out of DCP, now we have learned from this and it won’t ever happen again. 

Battles will continue as scheduled, and we will continue to rise and progress. Nothing can stop us. 

Fear The Shield


Final Battle EVER


This is our final event ever! Most important event in the history of DCP.

SATURDAY, March 25th


Server: Summit – Location: Ice Berg

5:30pm EST, 4:30pm CST, 3:30pm MST, 2:30pm PST, 10:30pm GMT

==Orange Spring==

(If you don’t know your timezone click HERE)

Our HQ:

Club Penguin’s filters became too strict and ever since we have began using this chat box for better communication. We have lots of fun here, and you can also make tons of new friends! Our chat is moderated by professionals, be sure to not cause trouble!

Unprecedented Generation

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 Hey DCP!

So the HSA has returned, as you may already know. Regardless, that doesn’t mean jack, they proposed a practice battle with us, and we whooped them. We maxed an outstanding 32+, while they barely managed to maintain sizes of 5. DCP is only rising, and we’re taking out old enemies along the way. Great job DCP! Scroll down for pictures of the event!




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Troops Of The Month: January 2017

Greetings, Doritos!

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suck me andrew

Drama recon - Neanderthals had big faces and big teeth.

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Hey Doritos!

Today we had an absolutely AMAZING event on Nom’s Box, where we switched from the Berg to the Stadium with over 32+ people in attendance. It was honestly a spectacular event, as tactics were near PERFECT each time. I salute all DCP and others who helped us at this event, as it was a major SUCCESS. Great job, DCP! Read below for pictures of the event!





~13yearoldn00b, Doritos Leader