Aus training session

Hello, Troops!

Our AUS division had another successful training session, this time we maxed around 15 and averaged 11.

Here’s the pics!

aus training 2

aus training 1

Aus training

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


Champions Cup II Semi Finals *MANDATORY*


Hello, Troops! 

We are facing the Ice Warriors in the next round of the Champions Cup! We have been making every single army surrender before the battle even begins, so lets not stop here! The is the 2nd to last round of the entire tourney. All of our hard work, and we’ve made it this far! OUR TIME IS NOW, DORITOS! 

TO THE NEW TROOPS: THIS IS THE TIME FOR A CLUB PENGUIN BATTLE! Make sure you can come so you don’t miss it and we can be victorious!


Battle against IW

Saturday, November 2nd

Klondike, Snowforts


3:00pm EST

2:00pm CST

1:00pm MST

12:00pm PST

7:00pm UK

Be on chat!

Don’t know your timezone? Find out below!

zkE0xmH (3)

Blue=EST – If you’re in a state that’s colored blue, you’re EST

Green=CST – If you’re in a state that’s colored green, you’re CST

Yellow=MST – If you’re in a state that’s colored yellow, you’re MST

Red=PST – If you’re in a state that’s colored red, you’re PST


Hello Doritos! I thought sense we were doing AMAZING, I would have some giveaways! But it won’t come easy. Goals/Giveaways below:

 Goal: 45+ || One 7 day CP Membership giveaway! || *COMPLETED*

 Goal: 50+ || Promotions for everybody below 4ic, Xats giveaway & CP Memberships||

Goal: 60+ || Xat Powers, CP Memberships, HUGE XAT GIVEAWAYS, And big promotions!||

Remember, Doritos, the only way we can achieve these goals is by recruiting. Recruiting can be from getting your friends to join, or just asking a random Club Penguin player to join us!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

NEW System

Hello troops,

Glad to see the great Wwebestfan posting on the DCP website again?

Click ‘read more’ to continue with my post!

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Hello, Troops!

Today we logged onto CP and defeated the evil Light Troops so badly they said they were shutting down. We maxed 50+ (note there were lockouts) and averaged 40+ while the Light Troops maxed 5. I thought we would at least get a challenge from them after all the trash talk on LT site, but I guess Waterkid and Spi are major failures. They even offered mega promotions and have been working for this event the entire week and they still got 5 on CP. That is what I call HILARIOUS.

LT shutting downLT annihlatedDCP vs LT resultsDCP vs LT 10dcp vs lt 8

DCP vs LT 7DCP vs LT 6DCP vs LT 5

DCP DCP DCP DCP DCP DCP e9 in xdcp vs lt 3dcp vs lt 2


chatsize 4

chatsize 3 /

chatsize 2

chatsize 1



Good job Doritos! Promotions will be given out! 

I am extremely proud of you all! Thanks to everyone who came! 

Until later,

March On! 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

Unscheduled Event

Hello, Troops!
After we completely annihilated LT, they tried raiding our capital server, Summit.

We averaged 35+ and LT wasn’t even there!

Note this was unscheduled 

jokes in line unsched on slushy size unschedualled on slushy

These were all the pics we could get, as my internet crashed during the battle. This was also a 1 bar server if anyone was wondering. 

-Xxtoysoldier DCP Main Leader

Spi Strikes Again!

Hello, Troops! 

Recently, Light Troops declared war on Army Republic. Read More if you want to laugh.

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Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Hello, Troops! 

We are battling an evil army known as the Light Troops in the next round of the Champions Cup. It is very important that we win this battle. Click Read More to find out more.

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AUS Training Session

Hello, Troops! 

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1st on top 10

Hello, Troops! 

Today, we have made history.

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Top Ten Pictures

Hello, Troops!

This was a great week! We had tons of events, including an Ausia one!

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