Aaron’s not receiving leader

Hey guys,

I’d just like to inform that Aaronstone42 will NOT be receiving when the DCP “returns” on January 7th, and will probably never receive leader here again. 

Why? Because he is proven to not be any good for us, he has received leader 3 TIMES, and FAILED EACH TIME, just ended up making DCP fall and afterwards, DIE.


Bye for now,



DCP Meeting.

Yes I’ve decided to see all who’s still here and who all have went queer, this is a chat grouping so then we can see just how active everyone one is (who still is here) and the ranking systems from that will be decided along with more plans involving this army as a whole. Anyone is welcomed to come and sing along with us (not really) but come on down.

You see there comes a time when the fighting of the current leaders needs to be set aside and focus on this goal of making sure DCP does not die in the least, I would treat this as a very important chat meeting because this will consider your ranks and how they could change in anyway shape or form. This situation is like when your family decides to have a get together and you hate a lot of them, but you don’t want to be a d*** and look like a a**hole by not showing up because you don’t like a few people, you realize that the goal is to go there; eat some food, laugh a little, settle some arguments, and go home with people thinking possibly better about you. But just think of the whole better part being your rank ;). And we all know you want some of Uncle Bam’s Special Chocolate Cake.


December 8th, Saturday.


 4:30 p.m EST

3:30 p.m CST

2:30 p.m MST

1:30 p.m PST

 9:30 pm GMT



|| RECAP ||

-> If you don’t show up good luck keeping your rank secure

->If you can’t show up and have a good reason comment on the post

-> If you can show up, then show up and inform us by commenting on the post below.

->And for anyone extra who want to come be my guest (AHAHAH GET IT GUEST?) 

Note to Troops/Readers: 

>>The recap version is here for those people who don’t like reading a bunch<<