Alaska is Ours!

Hello, Troops! 

Today, the RPF finally admitted defeat! They surrendered to us, but it won’t be the last time they surrender. We outnumbered them greatly and we also had decent tactics. All the RPF did was repeatedly bomb and sit on us to cover up their small amount of troops. It was the cheapest battle ever and we still won it.

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Good job Doritos, we showed them not to mess with us anymore. 

35 Doritos for everyone who attended! 

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

3rd in Command Elections

Hello, Troops! 

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:!: Invasion of Alaska :!:


Thursday, February 27th

Klondike, Snow Forts


8:00pm EST

7:00pm CST

6:00pm MST

5:00pm PST

1:00am UK


Mkll’s Retirement

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Where we stand

Hello, Troops! 

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Battle of Thermal Cancelled

Hello, Troops! 

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Armies 101: Battles/Tactics

Hello DCP! My name is Hefman for those who do not know me. For all the new recruits to armies this post will tell you everyone about battles you need to know.

What is a battle? A battle is when two armies fight each other in a certain room on a certain server on club penguin during a scheduled time. They use tactics, formations and sizes to fight and determine the winners. Check this site daily for battle times and dates. 

What are tactics? There are a few types of tacts. The three main categories of tactics are bombs, emote tactics and word tactics.  Owners in chat shout out what tactic to do in chat and give the basic command of “(tactic) On three!” “11111” “2222” “Gr (tactic)” “3333 (tactic) now!”

What are emote tactics? Emote tactics are the most common tactic used in battles. They are doing anything from warfaces to moons to “hello”. When using an emote tactic the owners and leaders will shout the code to type in on Club Penguin to do the emote. Clicking H or Y for Hello and Yes count as emote tactics. In one sentence emote tactics are done by clicking a button or two on Club Penguin and not moving. For example to do the sick faces shown in the picture below a chat owner would shout “E8 on three” “11111” “2222” “Gr E8” “3333” And the result would be…


Make sure to do the emote until everyone does it!

What is a word tactic? A word tactic is done by typing in a word or phrase in Club Penguin. These are done less than emote tactics which can easily be preformed. The best way to make sure the tactic is done to perfection is to copy and paste the word or phrase so it can easily be repeated on club penguin and you do not have to keep typing it in. Here is what a word tactic looks like.


What are bomb tactics? Bombs are the rarest kind of tactic. There is about one-three bombs per battle. A bomb tactic is doing an emote or word while running around. The most common bomb tactic is a Joke Bomb or J bomb. They make an army look huge and all you need to do is click J. A J bomb looks like this.



Note: This J bomb is standing still, which is not usually the case.

Conclusion Battles are used to fight over a server. The types of battles are Invasion and Defense. Invasions are when one army goes and attacks another armies server and if victorious, claims it. Defenses are when one army tries to defend a server from an invading army. If the defending army is victorious they keep the server.

I hope this helped you all and see you at tomorrow’s battle!


Hello, RPF. I am speaking to you through the communication of the Doritos site, to show you the true problems with you and your army that you have right now.

The past few days have been crazy, but I have come to a point where I have to make this post on behalf of this community, my troops, and the RPF victims that had to witness such terrible, and evil actions that none of us can stand. Ever since you overthrew Elmikey from the Rebel Penguin Federation (the man who built RPF and made them rise), you have been getting a lot more mean, and are now banning and bullying former RPF members that are now officially victims of your corrupt selves. You go so far into hating Elmikey as to bullying, and banning RPF troops. DCP does not stand for these actions, wise leaders know not to ban someone who respects a leader that you hate, you’re letting your personal problems get to the best of you, and letting it control you. I really never thought I’d be making a post like this, but there are about 2 reasons we have declared war, and why I have made this post, which is necessary in all ways.

1. DDoSing, trying to get the leaders IP’s (and possibly some DCP troops IP’s). 

I have seen so many pictures of this, and I am truly disappointed. I really thought you would take this war this far into consideration. I thought the Rebel Penguin Federation was the only army that wouldn’t DDoS (or dox). But I was wrong. You have proven me wrong, which is another reason we have declared war. This is also why I do not respect the Rebel Penguin Federation anymore, you have truly made me disappointed, and you have made me officially feel real bad for the victims of your evil rule.


Click to enlarge

2. Bullying and being mean to the victims of this corrupt version of the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Yes, you saw proof from our site (thank you Hefman), and you know what you did. Your personal hate for Elmikey overcame what you really are, and you let it do that. You have fired troops for just only respecting Elmikey, which now you made them like Elmikey even worse. You firing troops over respecting Elmikey (EVEN JUST THE TINY BIT) has made Elmikey gain even more supporters. It’s really YOUR fault these troops are still supporting Elmikey. You have also cussed out these former RPF victims, and have bullied them. I am once again, disappointed for what you have become, letting your personal problems overcome the best of you.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.20.51 PM




As I conclude this post, I now salute the victims of these horrible people, and I have now seen the true side of this corrupt Rebel Penguin Federation. I feel bad for anyone who has suffered from their massive bullying and disgraceful personalities.

I don’t see why you would do this when Elmikey built you to the top, and you just let all that go to waste, and you just decide to overthrow the man who stopped your 5+. Your bullying and harm will be of no more, I miss the old Rebel Penguin Federation, the ones who weren’t corrupt, and actually fought the good fight, not this version. I don’t know who decided to do this, or why you decided to bully, and attempt to DDoS (or dox) the leadership, and possibly our troops, but all I know is that you have now made the Rebel Penguin Federation’s reputation look bad.

Fear the Shield.

Troops and victims of this corruption: Please stay strong, don’t let them overcome you. We are strong DCP, we will beat any army that comes in our path, and we will come out victorious while defeating this corrupted army that we are protecting you from.

My song to my troops, and to the RPF victims:

Dear RPF

Snaily, DJ and the greater RPF I have a message to you. I left RPF today because of you. I worked for RPF and you betrayed me for not being an Elmikey Hater. The same thing you say your fighting for “freedom of speech”, well you forced me to either hate elm or leave RPF. That isn’t freedom of speech is it?  Just because I respect Elmikey I cannot be in RPF? Just because I do not hate him for dumb reasons I cant lead? This new RPF you fight for is corrupt. DCP is fighting the good fight to get the real RPF back. We will win and restore balance. DCP will fix the lies and corruptions.  I have some pictures to show you of the hate and bullying you have been doing to me and a few of my friends.


Tony Romo, a loyal RPF solider was bullied and forced out of RPF.


My best friend in RPF, told me to F off? Ouch.


Cacia also got bullied out. She came to DCP to fight against corruption.


RPF cannot blame this war on us, we asked for one battle not a war.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 8.20.51 PM


Even DCP Troops hate the new RPF. We will get the true and pure RPF back, and we will cleanse it of corruption.

Troops of RPF, join us to fight for your army. Snaily Dj and other corruptions we will crush you. You will not get away with this. To my friends in RPF (you know who you are) this post does not imply to you, but there is to much corruption that your purity is blacked out. DCP troops, together we will fight the good fight and crush the evil.


Nicolas, Hefman, Cacia, Tony Romo, Elmikey and the other victims of RPF.

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