DCP Leaders


Name Underlined = DCP Legend

Orange Name = Club Penguin Army Legend

Red Name = Beast Mode

*NOTE: The leader list below is in order.


1. Wwebestfan Created and led DCP’s first generation. Achieved sizes of 50, and high ranks on CPAC’s top ten. He had a bad reputation several times in the CP army world, but still kept his army alive and rising. Wwe was the most powerful, and by far the best leader in DCP history. Won “Best DCP Leader” in 2010, 2011, AND 2012.

2. Motoxjohn Co-Creator of DCP. Led in DCP’s first generation.

3. Ballion54 – Came over to to lead DCP in a merge. No one really listened to him; but he still had lots of experience in leading, and good tactical techniques.

4. 57to Became leader around the time of the ACP vs DCP war in March – April, 2010. He is one of the most experienced leaders that DCP has ever had.

5. Alfrondo1465  Alfrondo started in DCP as a 2ic, and received leader in May, 2010. He did his best to keep DCP alive and in Top 10 while DCP’s 1st website was “hacked” while Wwe was on vacation. He was well-liked for all that he has done for the DCP. He is also known for being the 2nd most powerful leader, alongside WweBestFan.

6. Leboto – He and his best friend Theyt6, merged their army into the DCP, and they both received 2ic, and after that, leader. There is not a lot to say about him, besides that he was pretty liked in DCP.

7. Theyt6  Became DCP leader right after Leboto. He was not well-cared for and barely known in DCP.

8. Auburndude  Given leader in summer 2010 by Alfrondo, and quickly demoted due to not having very much experience in leading.

9. Crazyhightec  Recruited into armies by Wwebestfan. He was one of the best leaders that DCP has ever had. He would always solve issues that would be going on in the DCP aswell as issues going around the community. He retired several times, but never led again after retiring the first time.

10. Aaronstone42  Received leader around the same time as Auburndude, in summer 2010 while Wwe was still on vacation. He got DCP in lots of trouble, and was immediately demoted when Wwe came back from vacation, and was never given leader again.

11. Speed79  Recruited into armies by Wwebestfan. Once he became DCP leader, he had to retire soon after due to his parents not allowing him to go on Xat Chats. He returned in 2012 for a bit, but then left again, but this time to be one of those “famous” or “popular” penguins on the server Sleet.

12. Billy Mays  Led DCP multiple times, but left us very quickly each time. Gave DCP a site to use after DCP’s 2nd site was deleted.

13. Dan Za Man1  Became DCP leader pretty quickly because of his good skill. Wasn’t leader for very long due to him becoming inactive for some reason, and then he retired shortly after.

14. Khimo98  Recruited into armies by Wwebestfan, given leader in 2010 and was well known for being one of DCP’s most loyal, and dedicated soldiers. He was given CP Army Legend in June 2012, and he was by far one of DCP’s greatest leaders.

15. Rmstitanic94 – He was DCP leader alongside 5 other people.

16. Bam117 Recruited into armies by Wwebestfan. He led DCP many times. He has been through many ups and downs in DCP, but in the end, he was one of DCP’s best, and well-known leaders, and Wwe’s best friend.

17. Thumbee  Recruited into DCP by Wwebestfan. She was really known for being main owner at Riffy8888′s chat, and being Riffy’s best friend. She was the first girl to become a DCP leader. She did a HUGE part as a leader, especially by recruiting many people to come and join us.

18. Logrey One of DCP’s very first troops, joined DCP about 2 days after DCP’s creation, when he merged his former army, the CP Mustards. Logrey disappeared for a while, but then was later found on the server Summit by Wwe in 2011. He was well known for being really hyper and excited for upcoming battles.

19. Boomer 20  Boomer was made a temporarily leader along with his friend Shaboomboom, while Alfrondo and Wwe were having a bit of a break for about a week, but then Boomer became DCP leader full-time, but went inactive/retired soon after.

20. Shaboomboom  Was also made a temporarily leader, along with Boomer. He wasn’t really active during his week as leader, and was offered full-time leader but declined to it because he was too busy at the time

21. Aninjaboy – Was one of DCP’s most loyal troops, pretty well liked, and was not leader for a long time but did a good job while he led.

22. Garrett1233 Became in charge of DCP after Wwe retired, and due to Wwe’s retirement in March 2011, DCP merged into RFW/FW, but Garrett got permission from Alfrondo to lead DCP, and even though he only got them to sizes of around 15, he did a pretty good job for someone who wasn’t really experienced.

23. Flyers43 – Became a leader alongside Garrett after Wwe retired. DCP has had their ups and downs with Flyers, over many conflicts that have occurred in the past, but he was still a good leader during the time of his leadership with Garrett.

24. Kingfunks4 – Became leader twice, and left for different armies both times.

25. Roberto23715 – Became leader after he quit the Light Troops, and was mainly made leader so he could get revenge on the Light Troops. Only led for two days.

26. Xapocax/Pain – Probably the worst and most corrupt leader in DCP history. Became leader through bribing for his rank, and days after was overthrown by the entire army due to his actions and harsh leadership rules.

27. Tax1 – Tax came back during a transitioning period after Pain’s removal. He ended up removing Austin as a result of planning a coup on Wwe. He also led DCP into another golden age with Wwe and restored DCP’s glory.

28. AwesomeAustin – Was in DCP for a while as a 2ic/LIT before becoming a leader. His leadership lasted for a good amount of time, until he was fired by Wwe for attempting to overthrow him. Besides that, he was well-liked in DCP.

29. Teddy50405 – Was in DCP’s 1st generation in 2010, as an owner. He disappeared for a while, but then came back as a 2ic, and later becoming a DCP leader. He led for a while, but was then overthrown because his leadership skills weren’t good enough, and he made DCP’s reputation pretty awful.

30. Arch20045 Became DCP leader pretty quickly, working his way up the ranks, starting out as highest mod, then 2ic, and then a Leader in Training. He was chosen over other LIT’s to take a leadership position.

31. Logan18603/Azn – He was by far one of the most loyal soldiers in DCP history. He was liked by many, and by all the leaders at the time. He always kept DCP’s chat always alive and prevented it from becoming a “dead chat”, by starting conversations among the troops and owners.

32. Chatosush – Chatosush was in DCP’s 1st generation, and was known for being very loyal to the Doritos army in here time here. She was the 2nd girl ever to become a DCP leader besides Thumbee. She was only leader for a few days, because she stepped down due being too overwhelmed by leadership responsibilities.

33. Mustapha Mustapha is best known for his many recruiting skills. He is very enthusiastic and always looks on the optimistic sides of things. He always kept DCP in the right mood. When he came on chat, he came on prepared.

34. Hurricanex1 – Led alongside Alfrondo1465 and Arch20045. After being gone on vacation for about a week straight after receiving leader, Hurricane became completely inactive, and so he was fired, and then put in the Hall of Shame after trying to deface our website and change our chat settings.

35. Cul8rsl – Cul received leader in early-mid August, 2012, from Alfrondo1465, and led alongside Alfrondo, Wwebestfan, Arch20045. He is best known for his many recruiting skills and good leadership qualities.

36. Np3000 – Received leader in early October, 2012, and was mainly hired due to his past experience and his decent recruiting skills. He was given leader by Wwebestfan and Cul8rsl, and led alongside them, during the time of DCP achieved 1st on CPAC’s Top 10 for the first time in their history.

37. Rex/Gary  Received leader for his hard work and experience in many armies. He was given leader by Wwebestfan and led alongside Tymatt.

39. Chris/Flames370 Received leader for his potential and experience. He was given leader by Wwebestfan, and led alongside Rex and Tymatt.

40. Carter/Greenoiscool  Received leader for his experience, and history related to the army. He has led many armies before, but none as great as the Doritos of Club Penguin. He was very optimistic, and always tried to keep everyone in the army at peace, and enemies outside of the army on watch.

41. 13yearoldn00bHe honorably gained the position of leader by working up the ranks and always remaining loyal to the Doritos. He was given leader by Wwebestfan, who at the time led with Carter, and Mustapha at his side.

42. Coolorange54 Received leader from Wwebestfan. Coolorange was mainly recognized because of his years of loyal dedication to DCP.

-To be continued-

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