New Era is Greatest Era

Hello, Doritos!

I thought I told you we would be back. 

The greatest army was bound to return, I mean, after all, this is the army that made us who we truly are today. Tomorrow is history in the making, as this legendary army returns. This is the army that has developed the legendary men that conquer in everything that they do.


Because we’re a family

and you’re either with the family through the lower points, glorious points, & til the end

Or you aren’t really apart of the family at all

Doritos Forever,

now lets do what we’re best at!


What you can expect in the coming weeks.

Some of you may or may not know this but.  You have just joined the greatest and largest army to ever be on Club Penguin.  The Doritos of Club Penguin are an amazing army that achieve some of the most amazing sizes anyone has ever seen on Club Penguin.  And now guess what?  We’re coming back as of tomorrow.  And tomorrow, we start the largest generation of DCP Club penguin has ever seen.  This generation of DCP is different from the others because we have forgiven the mistakes of past DCP soldiers and they have returned to our army to help us make #1.  Now some of these people may not have been the best for DCP. But they are Family to us and they will no doubt help us become twice the size of what you just saw in the pictures above this. So congratulations Soldier.  You have just joined the best generation of this army Club Penguin has ever seen! Prepare yourself for awesomeness tomorrow! ~Waffles

Happy New Years

Verum here on mobile, standing out in the rain, so don’t have a meltdown about my grammar. Musty is my life. Musty I love you. Musty is a god and the apple of my eye. Happy New year dcp and Musty is a god.

Happy New Year

In a couple of hours, DCP will be officially open. The time for conquest is ticking down. Will you conquest, or will you lag behind?

DCP’s Reopening Salute

This is our year, Doritos!

Time to Conquest

January 1st.

Set the date.

It’s been a ride

Hello, Troops!

This year, we have experienced both domination and death. We’ve defeated many people in wars, but we lost in a battle against each other. Now that we’ve learned from the past, we can dominate.

This year not only did we achieve some of the greatest sizes this army has ever seen, but we have been leaderless at several points, we have died out. Yet, we still managed to come out as one of the greatest armies of this year.

That’s how great we are, and together – we will be even greater. 

The Boys are Back

DCP is back where it should be, it’s gonna kick some boot-ay:)

I can’t wait until I see what happens this time around. I know it will be good no matter what. We are all in this together guys<3

Road to Prideland?

Hello, Troops!

 Many of you are probably wondering how DCP died out.. There were many factors to it, and instead of running from the past we must learn from it. 

We’ve never easily handed out high ranks, but high ranks weren’t hard to get. This is one thing that I have always wanted to fix, and there’s many solutions. From this point forward, it will take very long to get a high rank in DCP. Once you get it, you better hope you don’t lose it. You get one chance to get a good rank here, after that you’re out of luck. Either you’re apart of the Doritos Family until the end or you aren’t apart of this family at all. If you choose not to be apart of this family, I can care less (as I haven’t been on for months, you should be able to tell I don’t really care anymore). All I want is for my home to exist once more.

I call upon all true Doritos to report to the chat as soon as possible. It is our duty to ensure that our beloved legendary army lives on forever. We shall not stand idle while our home army lies in the virtual shambles of non-existence. No more playing games, this is personal, this is like our second home. This is the very army that made everyone who they are today – and we are ALL reeducated, and once again instead of running from the past, we must learn from it. With our extra experience, skills, and connections, we will show this entire community our true colors. We did it many times before, when we were much younger and now is our second chance, fam. We all came up together so we’re down for the fight, now lets make our dreams reality.

“Family, nothing’s stronger than that”

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


DCP will officially return in January. 

Everyones Slate has been whiped clean. We currently have no enemies and everyone is welcomed to join DCP. 

Merry Christmas