Hello Troops!

Today we had a battle vs NW for Fog. Throughout the battle, NW and DCP tied at tactics. Size Doesn’t matter.

Remember when we faces WW in the tourney a few months back? DCP has 25, and WW had 7. It was pretty obvious CPAC went by Tactics.

Also, NW, Before you say anything about Using “Allies”, we didn’t. 😀 YOU used Spies.

Mchappy Told me In pc a few minutes before the war that “Vend Said He has a spy that’s a mod on DCP chat.” Can you explain that, Vendetta?

I’m sure you can’t, and your little rouge army saying we used “Allies”? That’s bull.

On to the Pictures:

Snow Forts – Claimed But Defended by NW – LOST

Equal Size.

DCP performs a “Your Time Is Now”

Plaza Claimed but Defended by NW – LOST

DCP performs a 😉 Emote

DCP claims Forest – WON

DCP performs a “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?”

DCP later claims cove and is defended From NW, – Current Score – NW- 2 DCP-1

Dcp Performs Sick Faces

Dcp Claims the Dock – WON; Current Score: NW-2 DCP-2 – TIED


DCP claims the Town – WON; Final Score: DCP-3 NW-2 – DCP won.


Max # Of Troops: 30-35

Average: 30


Max # Of Troops: 35-40

Average: 35

Winner Of Fog: DCP

Congratulations, DCP! :mrgreen: