Send Silverburg to College

Hello, Troops!

So today we fought RPF, and this was the most pathetic battle I have ever seen. They didn’t even let us login because Silv asked me what room we were going to switch into together and I told him we just logged on, so RPF bombed us to try and hinder our sizes by locking our troops out but better yet they threw snowballs the entire battle to prevent us from even doing any tactics so we had to bomb them the entire time. Then Silverburg decided to trash talk but when I dared him to undo the treaty between DCP and RPF, he backed out instantly. How can a grown man be so scared? Haha DCP forever

orange moon


Training Session on Summit [Results]

Hello, Troops!

We just hit 55+ without even trying and it was on the most historic server in all of Club Penguin. We made mother summit proud today, easy. Great job Doritos, this is only the beginning fam… THE RISE IS ON!


Their doubt


Our motivation

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend






Summit, Stadium


3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

8:00PM UK

Let us know which battles you’re able to be at by commenting below!

Owners and moderators who are inactive this week will face demotion. Make sure to be as active as you can and recruit as often as possible for a promotion!

 If you’re new or don’t know your timezone, click HERE. For battle orders, make sure to be on our chat by clicking HERE. 

Family Forever

Hello, Troops!

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Gettin’ it!

I checked CPAC today, and I seen this! Haha


Haters gonna hate! Still can’t stop us though!

Family Forever

Orange Moon

Even the moon is orangeorange moon2

Family Forever

March on Summit [Results]

Hello, Troops!

Today we were going to have a division battle (Cool Ranch vs Nacho Cheese) but it was last minute and had little to no organization at all, so instead we decided to just do a couple of tactics as a whole army and then log off after a couple bots stormed the dojo. Good job to everyone who logged on even though we said it was going to be canceled. Family Forever!

  lo2 lo3 lo4 lo5

Fear The Shield

Chronicles of Narnia | Fable of a Smurf

So earlier today, WV accused us of cheating. But here in the Doritos – we bring reality to you!

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to cpac (:

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It all started on a fine night…

Someone with a Silver Surf Board told me that DCP should raid armies, so we raided. Except, our opponents retreated..


Comment below for your promotions 😉