Hello, Troops!

Today we logged on expecting to face the LT but as expected they surrendered before the battle started. We defeated them without even battling them because they were too scared! Hopefully next time we will have a good opponent!

Here’s the pictures! πŸ˜†

Chaos tourney LT 11Chaos tourney LT 10Chaos tourney LT 1Chaos tourney LT 3Chaos tourney LT 2Chaos tourney LT 4Chaos tourney LT 5Chaos tourney LT 6Chaos Tourney LT 7Chaos tourney LT 8Chaos tourney LT 9Chaos tourney LT 12

➑ This tourney battle was held on Klondike aka the emptiest server on Club Penguin so try harder to say something bad about us next time bros! 


I honestly have not seen tactics this well in a while, I am amazed with DCP, I am so proud and thankful to have such great troops! This longest-lasting Golden Age is AMAZING.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


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Pinch Punch 1st Day Of The Month| UK Events!

I know the title is a bit early. But our 1st event is on Sunday, which is the 1st of December. I’m getting in the Christmas spirit, with those cheesy Christmas songs and people singing carols and then people slamming the door in their face. I am most definitely in the Christmas spirit. So then, want some events? Well, that’s what we’re having. And the UK division have roughly maxed 8-10+ Which is very good for our first week! So what’s the reward? Some of you won’t like it, others won’t care. But I do, and I’m excited. So our reward is that I’m going to schedule a few practise battles with a few armies, but for now, we’ll be training. Until I get a few armies that will want to test the UK division’s potential. Anyway, here are the events!


:!:Training EventΒ :!:Β Β 

Monday, December 2nd

Klondike, Town


2:00pm EST

1:00pm CST

12:00pm MST

11:00am PST

7:00pm UK

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Christmas Graphics Are Up!

Hello troops,

I hope you like the new graphics I made for DCP for christmas, I will be making a few more changes but basically it’s done! Time to get into the christmas spirit! THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!





Ice Pond is ours!

Hello, Troops!Β 

Today we invaded a server from the Nachos Empire. Our invasion was successful and we now own Ice Pond! Nachos eventually logged off due to our size advantage. However, we still enjoyed defeating them for that short period of time.

DCP vs Nachos war2dcp vs nachos war aDCP vs Nachos war3DCP vs Nachos war6DCP vs Nachos war11DCP vs Nachos war12DCP vs Nachos war13DCP vs Nachos war4DCP vs Nachos war5


Good job Doritos! We are victorious!Β 

Until later,

March On!Β 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

New Promotion System!

Hello, Troops!

Yes, there will be a new way to receive a promotion in the Doritos Army! Here is how it will go:

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Training On Fjord|Results!

Hello Doritos! Today we logged on Fjord, I admit. There was a bit of trouble at the beginning, and some chaos. But we overcame that and maxed 10-11! We averaged 8+! Here are the pics!

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UK Division Launch-Off Training Event, Results!

Hello Doritos! Today we logged on Matterhorn to launch our UK division. We did excellent. We maxed 12 and averaged 10+ I am please at EVERYONE who attended this event. Lets carry on with these good sizes (for a UK division). Here are the pics!

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Victory against RPF

Hello, Troops!

Today we logged onto Mammoth to have a fun battle against RPF! We defeated them and had all kinds of fun! We maxed 40+ and averaged 30+! Good job Doritos, more victories await us! πŸ˜†

Here’s the pics! [Click to enlarge]



rpf vs dcp pb4RPF vs DCp pb5rpf vs dcp pb2

The battle begins!

The battle begins!

rpf vs dcp pb10rpf vs dcp pb12rpf vs dcp pb13rpf vs dcp pb14rpf vs dcp pb15rpf vs dcp pb16RPF vs DCP pb17

Keep up the good work, Doritos!Β 

Until later,

March On!Β 

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend