The Big Three [Results] – 5/31/15

Today we attended a three way battle between DCP, IW, and ACP on the server Mammoth. Continue reading

War Schedule

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Summit, Plaza


8:00PM EST

7:00PM CST

6:00PM MST

5:00PM PST

1:00AM UK

➡ If you’re new or don’t know your timezone, click HERE. For battle orders, make sure to be on our chat by clicking HERE. 

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Temp Leave

Hey DCP,

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[Unscheduled] War Training – Results!

Hello, Troops!

Today we had an amazing unscheduled Training Session. The Dark Side tried raiding but once they seen our sizes, it wasn’t happening. We also had people try to ruin our tactics, but we just used our emotes list because we’re unstoppable. This was unscheduled and we did better than any army can. Keep up the great work, fam. DCP forever.

unscheduled fjord1 unscheduled fjord2 unscheduled fjord3 unscheduled fjord4 unscheduled fjord5 unscheduled fjord6 unscheduled fjord7

Fear The Shield

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

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We are currently raiding the evil Nachos! 

Battle will take place on Fjord

All soldiers needed! – Report to Chat

Temp retirement

Hello and welcome, as you have seen I have very important test coming up meaning i wont be coming on xat at all due to my computer will probably be blocked.  Also I haven’t done any studying at all meaning i only have 1 week left to push all this information into my head. I already took a few test but the rest of my test are in 2 weeks meaning on the 8th of June or maybe the 12th of June they start and they’ll prolong for a week. Hopefully We’ll win this war and destroy the evil racist nachos.

~ Your former leader in training/current 4ic, summit ❤

Long live the DORITOS EMPIRE!

[AUSIA] Raid of Sleet – 5/30/15

Greetings DCP,

Today, we decided to raid a Nacho server, during AUSIA timings. Nacho consists of no AUSIA division, so even if it had been an invasion, we would’ve come out to be victorious. Our AUSIA invasions at Nachos will be starting from monday, so until then, let us show them just a glimpse of our great AUSIA division. It was a great raid, in which we maxed 24, and averaged 23.

Here are the pictures – Continue reading

Fjord Sieged!

Hello, Troops!

Today… was a very interesting day. Up until before the event, we thought it was canceled as rumors went around. Mustapha later came online to confirm that it was infact not canceled and that we would go through with the invasion. Given the circumstances, and confusion, the results weren’t in our favor. This was the worst DCP event in 5 months, yet we still obliterated the Nachos. GREAT JOB DORITOS!

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[UK] White House Liberated!

Hello, Troops!

Today we successfully liberated the Nacho birth server! They were weak and pathetic and showed little opposite against the Dorito Empire. The Nachos were afraid of us and planned not to attend this until we had our spies convince them otherwise! CP crashed and knocked both armies off, some people couldn’t reconnect but we still obliterated them. Their veterans couldn’t save them this time. Great job, Doritos! Lets continue dominating throughout this war!

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