Thank you 5000

Hello, Doritos!

Today we reached 5,000 members in our discord chat. The way that we were able to do this is unprecedented, and I must thank you all for all of your contributions to our army. Together we make our family stronger everyday and enable more and more people to make friends and have fun! As a result, we have some fun things in store for you!

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DCPNC- Puffle Party challenges, March 30th and 31st!

Hey Puffle Lovers! Here’s how to do the challenges for March 30th and 31st!

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DCPNC- Spring Formal!

Hey doritos! We will be having a DCP Spring Formal! If you were in DCP during the DCP winterball prom event dcp had, it will be similar to that!

Read more to get all the info!

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Interview: Marie

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March Madness Round Two Results!

Hey Doritos!

Today we headed out to Klondike once again to battle against RF for our March Madness Tournament! Lest be known, we ended up, again, triumphing in the battle. We were able to successfully beat RF and move onto the semi finals of the tournament! We are UNSTOPPABLE! We manage to max 80 troops as well! Good job DCP! Family Forever!


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Interview: Rex


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Promotions March 29th

Thank You All For Coming To March Madness

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page 

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DCPNC- March 28th and 29th Puffle Party guide

Hey DCP! this post is gonna have the answers for the daily challenges for the 28th and 29th!

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Member/Moderator/Owner/Troop of the Week!

Hello troops,

It’s time to bring back some excitement into the DCP and let’s start that excitement by bringing back the weekly updates of this wonderful page.

Click ‘read more’ to continue to the results!

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Defense of Ice Age [RESULTS]

Hey DCP! 

Today we logged onto Yukon to defend against our dear capital Ice Age! After many tactics and cool formations, we were sadly ineffective with our defense against IW. On the bright side, the Doritos were still motivated to give it their all! We maxed 53 troops overall!

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