A Pain in the Ass

Hello Troops, 

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Leadership Poll Time!

**Rules: No bribing, do not ruin anyone else’s chances, and NO cheating. You will be disqualified if you do any of these. **

Hello, Troops!

This week has indeed been a long week indeed, starting the week off last week with two of our leaders retiring. We are not at all dead, but some changes need to be made. This involves leader elections, and after this, LIT, 2ic, and 3ic elections.

On with the voting!

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New Event!

Hello Troops!

In light of recent events I figured we probably need to hold a few events to get things back to the way they were before the craziness began.

Cleansing of Summit

When? Tuesday April 2nd, 2013

Where? Summit, All Over!


11pm GMT

6pm EST

5pm CST

4pm MST

3pm PST

This will be a Promotion Event! You must be their or face demotions!

President Carter

The Doritos Main Leader

Inspirational Music

The Coup Of Lord Pain [ x3 ]

Carter’s Update: This is official. Pain was unanimously voted off of DCP leadership by our owner ranks and advisors. 

Paco and Tymatt, I hope you will now return to DCP to lead and continue on in the army. ❤

This is the removal of Lord Pain from leadership in DCP.

He has made several comments that have made me seriously question his leadership, They include “There will be no election for me” and ” DO NOT QUESTION MY LEADERSHIP”. This makes me fear a new era in DCP history, an era of dictatorship and evil. Do not worry DCP, with the removal of Lord Pain we will be restoring our government to it’s full democratic glory. Unfortunately this has to happen on Easter Sunday, a day which is supposed to celebrate peace and love in the world, but we have to do what we have to do to keep DCP ahead. This coup has been a very, very easy one I must say, with help from Carter, 13yearoldnoob and Aaron this coup went as smooth as possible. This coup will not affect the Leadership Elections that are to be held soon, but Lord Pain is not to be allowed to run. This is not the death of an era in DCP, it is the birth of a new one. Please continue with your lives and let the leaders take care of this.

[Thank you]

x           Funbob16  DCP 3rd in Command

My retirement

I need to take a needed break from DCP.

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Primary Nominations

This is a short and sweet post.

If you would like to run for the Leadership primaries in order to try and become leader, please fill out this form and comment it below 🙂

  1. Penguin Name:
  2. Current Rank:
  3. Rank Desired (Other than 1ic, those running for 1ic skip this question)
  4. How active are you on a scale 1-10?
  5. Previous leadership experience?
  6. Are you willing to leave all (but one allied army) other armies to help lead DCP?
  7. Year Joined:
  8. Approval from a High Ranking person in DCP (Prntscrn, or have them edit your comment)

TA-DA! It’s that easy! So now,  fill out this form, and I, or someone else will contact you on chat ASAP!

President Carter

The Doritos Main Leader

Recent Events-

DCP has been going crazy lately, so I figured I would do a little post to keep you all up to date, this will be updated as new events happen.

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Good day

Hello, I am Wilson 500, your new 2ic. You have probably seen me on chat or whatever, but now I am going to formally introduce myself. Continue reading

Comfort in a Time of Confusion

Greetings Doritos,

Since one of our legends Mustapha has been absent there has been a little confusion in the DCP. As your leader I am also your friend and it is my job to comfort you. Some people who used to be here all the time are now absent from the army since Mustapha is also absent due to the fact that he is grounded. People are also getting lazier because he is not here to enforce the law. I am going to reinforce the law right now. During Wwebestfan’s leadership when this army was in the top 3 and even number 1 the recruiting of owners was monitored by Wwe himself, I will now be monitoring the level of recruiting by our owners. From here on out if any owners slack off at recruiting, they will be demoted and replaced. Every single owner in this army must recruit an hour before events, and can only stop recruiting once the event has officially started. NO excuses will be accepted as to why the owner is not recruiting, there are no “breaks”. Owners will not continue to talk and fool around during recruiting time. Every single day, an hour before events, that will always be the time of which we recruit. ALL owners must recruit a minimum of 5 recruits a week. At the end of every week a post will be made named “Owner Recruit Upkeep” in these posts owners will need to comment the names of the recruits recruited that week. Owners will also be held responsible for the activeness of those they recruited. If during the week one of their five recruits goes inactive or quits then the owner must REPLACE that troop. If an owner should comment with the name of an inactive troop or a troop that quit on the “Owner Recruit Upkeep” posts then that troop will NOT count. That will be all, DCP FOREVER!


~Lord Pain, Doritos Leader


Hey DCP, please click read more and read my post.

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