Recruiting Success on Berg

Carter: From this day forward, any posts with pictures of just a line in them, and no other tactics, will result in temporary leadership demotions.

Hello Troops!

After being a part of the Doritos for about a year or so, I have NEVER been so amazed at the speedy rate that we can always continue to grow, and be even more amazing of an army!

Today we maxed out at around 15, and if we continue at this rate we should be able to DOUBLE this size by tommorrow! 😀

Pictures of event are below:






We will be returning to the top 10 this week.



Recruiting Success on Avalanche!!

Carter’s Edit: Madafucka, DON’T OVER STICKY EVENT POSTS!

But anyways, GREAT JOB TODAY GUYS! I’m sorry I wasn’t their to see it/get a few more people, but it looks great! I only have a bit of advice for those who were leading; Try and get pictures of more than just a line Because that will get us reallly bad ratings in the tactics area, and we don’t want that! But over all, you did great! Keep it up!

-Carter Doritos Main Leader

Hello Troops!

You guys did an AMAZING JOB on Avalanche today!!! We started out in town with 10+ in The Town, and migrated on over to The Plaza only to see even BETTER results! We ended up maxing 20+, and were able to manage working on a few new tactics!

From now on, every week we will be hoping to have more successful events like this one!

Keep Scrollin’ for some Contributed Pictures!






Our chat size….


Good job Doritos!! I think we will manage to earn our rank back into the Top Ten in no time!



Hi guys.  I’m Nick/Dj Slides/Konvikt.  I’ll be one of your new leaders alongside Carter, 13, and Paco.  I really think this will be a great thing.  I’m not going to go into a whole speech about my life, just wanted to make a quick introductory post.



Nick/Dj Slides

DCP Leader

Practice Battle with Fire Defenders

Your order are to chant Fire Defenders chants, and turn red. I will have a spy feed us information from SWAT and FD for instructions. You will need to be on the Doritos chat and NO OTHER CHATS The whole time.

When: Friday, January 31


Times: 7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MST, 4:00 PM PST


*Not a Required Event, But we need large numbers*

*Should you want to be a spy, let a leader know ASAP

Why Samra Will NOT Recieve Leader

13yearoldn00b’s Edit: First of all we are not a tiny piece of shit army. In fact we just returned,and what do you expect 40+? Wow if you do then you don’t know Doritos. Samra don’t invade the events me or carter or anyone else schedules. That just proves how fucking desperate you are. Swat i don’t want war with you. I’m not scared i just don’t have time to have war. As i said before i want to start of small.

Hello Troops!



Although some of you are against this, you’re ex-leader Samra will NOT receive leader for the following offenses:

  1. Fighting with EVERYONE on the chat, without any concurrent reason to do so.
  2. Selling us out to swat, calling for an invasion of us multiple times.
  3. Making a mockery of this Administration, making fun of previous DCP leaders, and bullying the current ones.


  1. She’s joined SWAT twice in the period of two days, both times saying shes going to have them CRUSH DCP and make sure that we can never build up and recover from all of the attacks.QV0rGpa

and in addition to banning Samra from leadership, and any rank above member, we will now let SWAT know that if anything we do not like crosses our radar, you can expect The OA to get involved.

Thank You.

-Carter Doritos Main Leader

Welcome Back DCP troops!

Hello, Troops!

DCP just got a new set of  leaders recently and I was made Leader in Training.

I am VERY excited to see DCP back and on its feet! I can’t even explain how it feels to see DCP back and to see True Doritos in our chat once again! I’m very thankful to have you all back once again. True Doritos shall never give up.

Thanks for having me back DCP. I will begin recruiting today and trying to fix some things up. Such as, Leaders starting fights with everyone as always. And i’ll be pc’ing my entire friends list to chat whenever there’s an event because I still have all the old troops added from when I was a Leader and they’ll most likely log on or even join. ;D

Always remember, DCP may fall but we eventually end up always coming back even STRONGER. Want proof? Well, history proves it. Every single time we fell, we ended up coming back much, Much MUCH stronger.


Until later,

March On!

Mustapha10 DCP Legend/ Former Leader / Leader in Training.

Signature Musta


Hello Doritos!

As a growing Nation we are in needing of something to defend, and not just anything, but a Capital, and Co-Capital Server!

And that is exactly what I intend on getting for us this week!

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Recruiting+Training This Week!

Hello Doritos!

We need to work on building up our size, and begin training with New and Improved tactics to once again become the Top, and Most Respected Army in the army world. In order to do so we will need ALOT of recruiting and training session, which will start this week!

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Recruiting Success!

Hello Troops!

Today’s recruiting was a MASSIVE SUCCESS! The only thing that I saw we needed to work on is TACTICS AND LINES but other than that, OUTSTANDING WORK! 😀 We had sizes of 20+ towards the end, starting off with about 10-15, and improving growth in the chat and on CP as well!


A really Good Line! xD


JBombing the Snow Forts!


Finnally Reaching 20+ After the server was full




Jbombing the town




 Chat Size!

Great Job Everyone Today!

Don’t forget to tell your friends:


-Carter Doritos Leader

New Generation Of Doritos

New Generation Of Doritos

I want DCP to be better and stronger than ever so I will bring every single guy that I have had sex with and make them join DCP. As soon as that happens you already know DCP will be 1st on top 10 again, and btw I’ll even bring the people who have seen my nudes so we will achieve 1,100 on Club Penguin without a doubt. Either way I will re-edit this post with pictures of me. Samra Warriors are merging and I’m not fat anymore – LOST WEIGHT HATERSSS! 


[for the record I don’t smoke weed anymore]

pics of me will be posted soon! (when i used to smoke weed) if you wanna fuck me you can just come to dcp chat. also i shaved my unibrow so these old pics can be disregarded

~ Samra [DCP.LEADER]