Daily Recruiting Sessions

Hello Penguins!

I’m going to try something old, but you guys are going to see it  as new…

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Nachos, you can insult us all you want but if you tell someone you hired that had Author on site I just start to get extremely annoyed, you guys have drawn the line, we will show no mercy in any invasions/defenses and we will win this war.


Hello Troops!

*Viewers Discretion Advised*

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Nachos on Some BS

Hello everyone,

So, last night one of our owners decided to take it upon himself to do some investigating for DCP. What he managed to dig up was pretty interesting. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

Hmm, that’s odd. It seems he can’t handle answering a few questions from Sprite. Next:

So it seems you guys aren’t going to provide any evidence of these things occuring. Strange.. Moving on:

Pay back you say? Interesting indeed. But let’s go into a more detailed answer:

So let me get this straight; you all are so mad because of Cul, our former leader and legend, did to you all about a year or two ago? That’s pretty childish. But let’s dig further down into DCP’s history book to see what Cul could’ve done that was so terrible to you guys.

So let me guess? You Nachos are still butt-hurt from Cul leaving for the army he was leading instead of staying with you? And then for taking smack about Ads who isn’t even relevant right now? Beeky, your entire fraudulent leadership is pathetic. Stop following in the shadows of Puckly and Ads. You’ll NEVER be as great as they were. Do the rest of this community a favor, and just get the hell over yourself.

To the troops of Nachos, and the rest of the army community, don’t listen to any false crap Beeky or other Nacho Leaders might tell you. They are ALL wrong.

Lord West, Doritos of CP Main Leader & Legend


Tanner, Don’t Even

Hello everyone,

This post is directed at Tanner’s silly little post laughing at us. I’m going to call out some of your shitty post right now.

First of all, Mossy is a DCP 4ic getting her shot at 3ic this week. She still has a bit to learn so don’t go involving her in this. And Kingdra was recruiting from CP tracking chats and CPPS chats. I’ve known him for a while and he would NEVER troop steal.

I applaud your pathetic spies to take that picture along with many others at the very beginning of the battle, when we were locked out of the berg.

This is our best picture? You’re shitting me. I guess you forgot about the other three rooms we visited.

Tanner, as my friend, I have a lot of respect for you. Please do not ruin that. Do us all a favor. Stay retired and out of this war.

Lord West, Doritos of CP main Leader & Legend.

Regards to “Ddosing Threats” and Mongrels

Hello all DCP, Allies and other mongrels It’s bam here. Good job today, just make sure to be faster doing tactics those pesky nachos are always lurking in the chat. Anyways naturally the nachos decided to release response posts and accusations after the battle pretty much trying to accuse of us everything (I would call this low balling) 

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Hello, troops!

So, beeky has some sort of screwed up logic and believes that if theres posts insulting him before the battle its a sign from ken that the nachos are going to win. So, him being a nacho, he released a bunch of rage posts AFTER the battle, and it gets even funnier… the kids posts were all about me and bam. I dont know if he realizes that me and bam have been retired for ages.

Anyways, here in dcp we had a good laugh at how bad of a leader beeky is by pointing out the fact that when puckley left, nachos maxed 5 up until just recently. So, he decided to put his sombrero on and post pictures of puckleys accomplishments.

Just when we thought it couldnt get any funnier, some girl straight off the corner emerges from her crack house to write some sort of insane essay about me and bam. Im not gonna read any of the nonsense she had to spew but if you want a good laugh i’d suggest taking a look.

Victory on Slushy

Hello troops,

Today is the first of many great battles to come. We successfully defended our co-capital Slushy from the expired chip snack, Nachos. As Slushy is a 5 bar server typically, we logged into Klondike for the actual battle. We maxed out at 26+ troops for today and the tactics were superb. Nachos, this battle is just a small example of what our forces will do to your entire nation. Be prepared 😉

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Order 100 Review Session+Amendments!

Hello Mods, and Other DCP High Ranks!

(See: Order 100)

Amendment 1. Starting  Today you may only be in another army if it is allied with DCP, if you are a mod. If you become an owner in the army then you must drop the other army.

Amendment 2. You should make at least make 2 events a week unless you have a valid excuse approved by carter west or musta. (I.E. Work, Sickness, Etc.)

Amendment 3. When on chat, you are expected to abide by all rules that you are supposed to enforce.  

  1. No Cursing (2 Kicks Warning Then Ban)
  2. No Ads (1st=Ban for 72 hours, 2nd =Ban Forever)
  3. No Inapp Links or Photos (a Kick Then 24 hour ban)
  4. When their is no one on chat, stay their!
  5. When we say to chat recruit you are expected to either A. PC all of your online friends to come to chat (Even if they aren’t in this army/not interested in joining right now) or B. Be on one of the many Recruiting/Tracking CP chats, and talk noobs into joining us.
  6. Only Musta and Carter can create owner ranks. (24 hour ban)
  7. Absolutely no outside convos during events. (2 kicks then ban)
  8. Do not cause unnecessary fights on chat (2 kicks then ban)
  9. Do not unban banned users without perms from the person who banned them. (Demotion/Sinbin for 24 hours First time, second time perma demotion)
  10. Do not abuse your powers. (Demotion)
  11. Do not lie to owners (24 hour ban)
  12. Do not threaten other army leaders. (2 kicks then ban)
  13. Inapp Time Starts at 9:30 PM CST until 5:30 AM CST (Unless U.K./AUS Events Scheduled)
  14. Do not threaten Owner Ranks in any way.
  15. After Hours Starts at 11:00 PM CST
  16. —————————-(More To Be Added)—————————-

In order to receive a promotion,

  • You must make at least 4 events every 2 weeks (8 events a month)
  • You must not be banned for over 72 hours
  • You should recruit at least 10-20 recruits a month
  • and be active on chat as much as possible!

That should take less than a couple of hours of time out of your day! 😀

In order to not be demoted,

  • Follow all chat rules
  • Make at least 4 events a month
  • Be active on chat
  • Recruit at least 5  new people
  • Lessons on Chat Recruiting.Chat recruiting can be simple if you follow some of these simple steps.Don’t just PC people “JOIN MY ARMY!” start off with striking a conversation!


    Me: Hey!

    Penguin: hi

    Me: How are you today?

    Penguin: I’m good hbu?

    Me: Same here! I’m just recruiting for my army so I don’t get demoted! D:

    Penguin: Ohh that’s cool, what army?

    Me: The Doritos of Club Penguin! Would you be interested in joining? 😀

    Penguin: Sure! How do I join tho?

    Me: Just go to xat.com/doritosofcp and the owners will set you up from there!

    Penguin: Ok thanks! I’ll see you there! 😀

  • and thats it for now!

Until Next Time, March On!;D

Your Favorite Flavor of Doritos Leader ;D

You are NACHO size!

Hah! I was just informed the scary nachos have declared war on DCP! YES the very same Nacho army that was BEGGING for Musta and Me to make a peace treaty with them! The nachos just recently maxed 30 for the first time in a year under the AMAZING leader Beeky, I thought the declaration of war was pretty funny, it was pretty the same EXACT one he posted for RPF! (You know the one that no one remembers because RPF was having a civil war during it) Hah!

Anyways the current puppet for the Nacho Empire is Beeky, A leader who pretty much sucked on Puckley’s and Ads nipples the entire time he lead with them (This would explain Nachos terrible downfall after the legends retirement) So much like the war with RPF, Nachos have decided its a good time to strike, since they believe they wont look TERRIBLE, Statistically speaking Beeky is one of the the WORST Nachos Leader that has EVER Lead, I’d put him on the same level as Akabob, He thinks the top ten ranking Nachos currently holds stands as a good argument to be able to win, But again about this time last year Edd claimed the same thing.


Anyways Beeky, nice reasons for war, after you lose this one make sure not to come crying back here asking for another treaty

Hey look on the bright side DCP, atleast our leaders dont have to start civil wars to get unbanned on chat!