Owner Report Cards – 7/31/13

***Owner Report Cards 7/31/2013 graded by Toy & Musta***

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Raiding the Ice Warriors

Victory is ours good job guys

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Victory is ours!

Hello troops we logged on today hoping for a fun great battle, but little did we know IW was uninformed of this battle and did not attend (sadly) but nether the less we decided to bang it out on cp and get a few good pics! 😉 So check them results out for Monday baby

Max Size at Town: 35

Max Size at forts: 35

Max Size at Berg: 33


I’d prefer coffee anyways

Look at all of these cheesy jokes!

Its all about the money

Sick of the games, LOLJK

Size at Forts


Thanks to all troops who showed up and Good job today guys! We shall keep marching forward! This is DCP, OUR TIME IS NOW


Discussion: The Anti-Penguin Act? Xat giveaways and More

Hello all Troops I’d like to come to terms with all of the major talk about whats happening this week and what I have plans to do about them, Naturally ill need YOU the troops consent about this. 

Shortly after we defeated the nachos for the legends cup spot I had to go, cutting our prizes and giveaway’s very short along with promotions taking a little bit longer, but in order to fix that issue I’ve decided to have a poll on what we should do about our giveaways.

The next situation is the Anti-Penguin Act and i think i may have come up with a good solution to our problem here! If DCP gets 40 again against ACP this week, Ill de-owner penguin (EvilDogBone) for the week and leave him as member for the rest of you to “chew out” (ahaha get it?) The Goal here is to put more pressure onto all of you to make sure you all do GREAT for the next battle coming up! This is DCP, Your Time Is NOW. It’s time to go out there and take home the legends cup, slap Wwebestfan in the face and tell Edd just how bad his guessing skills are. DCP shining moment is here and now its time to prove it to the rest of these armies that DCP is the best army out there! MARCH FORWARD INTO VICTORY

Last Note: Staff Demotions/ a few unseen promotions

I realize that few owners have been ownered/de-ownered and may not know the FULL reasons why, But to do this speak with your leader preferable the one who demoted/promoted you, This at some points is testing your loyalty and your leadership skills, I have owner-ed a few of you to see how you do with the rest of us and the troops. And to the demoted right now, think of it more as a test than a demotion, Temp isn’t forever so don’t cry yourself to sleep tonight!

~Bam117 ~ DCP Leader & Legend

March to the Legends Cup – [Semi Finals]

Hello, Troops!

This is the Semi-Finals to the legends cup we must defeat the ACP in a great and glorious battle! Then we can move on and take the legends cup by storm! We are currently Tied for 2nd in the top ten with Nachos, We must keep it that way and keep marching forward! OUR TIME IS NOW

It is very important that everybody comes to this battle!


Saturday, August 3rd

Klondike, Forts


2:30 PM EST

1:30 PM CST

12:30 PM MST

11:30 AM PST

7:30 PM UK

||40+ expected||

Don’t know your timezone? Find out below! 


Blue=EST – If you’re in a state that’s colored blue, you’re EST

Green=CST – If you’re in a state that’s colored green, you’re CST

Yellow=MST – If you’re in a state that’s colored yellow, you’re MST

Red=PST – If you’re in a state that’s colored red, you’re PST



~ Bam117 ~


2nd on top 10!

Hello, Troops!

We are currently second on top 10 after beating Nachos in the legends cup!

I wanted to thank EVERYONE who helped me and Bam achieve 2nd on top 10 and most importantly, make Doritos the best army once again. Without everyone coming together we wouldn’t of made it this far. We worked as a team and as a team we are unstoppable. As soon as all the true Doritos unite everyone knows they are in deep trouble when they step foot in the path of the Doritos.

This is only the second time in history that DCP has ever been 2nd on the top 10 and I am proud to be the one who led DCP to 2nd both times.

With or without Wwe, with or without Alf, without anyone, if you never give up, we can do it. Always try your best and you will get the best results in return.

I’m glad we’ve made it this far and we don’t plan on stopping just yet so even though we are 2nd on the top 10, that doesn’t give us the right to not recruit, or to relax. That’s what retirement is for. Shine now, and in the end we can retire as respectable LEADERS in this community.  We have to keep trying our best in order to stay on top. We have rivals now, we have to battle for that first spot. And every single recruit counts. That extra recruit will make the difference in the future. So now that we’re here, it’s going to be hard to stay. It’s not easy. Let the recruiting begin.

[click to enlarge]

dcp 2nd


I still remember the day I told you guys United we conquer divided we fall like it was just yesterday. (prob cause it was last month1!!1!) but straight to the point, if we work together we will come up victorious no matter what. None of us are as cruel as all of us. Because we are a family, we work together, we’re better than all those other armies because of that reason. We work together as a family, they work alone as an army.





All true Doritos,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


Hello, Troops! 

Here’s the promotions I promised you guys!

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Hello, Troops!

Good job to everyone! Thanks to everyone who came! We got outstanding sizes and defeated the Nachos! Make sure to look at our locked out troops as well! We had a bigger chat size than the Nachos as well. We got around 50 throughout the entire battle. Count the pics and determine our size yourself. :mrgreen:

Here’s the pics, click to enlarge.

dcp going to get 10

doritos win





full room



locked out troops

locked out troops

clash of the chips

clash of the chips

full room, not doritos at full force

full room, not doritos at full forcedcp town )



Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

~Bam117 DCP Main Leader & Legend

Practice Battle with IW

Hello, Troops!

We’ve had a whole bunch of fun battles this year, against our brother ally the Ice Warriors, so why should we stop having all these fun battles already? 

PB vs IW

Monday, July 29th


5:00pm EST

4:00pm CST

3:00pm MST

2:00pm PST

10:00pm UK

|| 40+ Expected! || 

➡ this battle will be held on Sleet

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Victory against UMA

Hello, Troops!

Even though this event was short notice.. We averaged about 30 and maxed over 35.  With a little under 45 on chat. Thanks to everyone who came, I am proud of you all. We all achieved this because we worked as a team

Here’s the pictures! Click to enlarge! :mrgreen:


To the sir(s) of CPAC – 32 DCPTTJY6spwarfacestootsjokesdcp forts !D for DORITOS


Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend

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