I’m still here, I still care.

Although you know me as a traitor, I must inform you it’s quite the opposite. I might be in the Dark Warriors right now, but what was I going to do? DCP used to be a sublime army, virtually consisting of zero flaws, but I oversaw the chaos that was bound to occur. Mustapha10, don’t get me wrong – you’re a good leader in terms of comparing you to the leaders that recently took over, for sure, but I think we can agree that everyone was tired of you leading and wanted change. Face it, without the people like you, me, or bam, DCP would have died a lot quicker. It’s sad to realize it that way, but it’s the unfair truth. We tried to teach the new generation of leaders our ways in order to retain our unmoving success, but it’s clear that didn’t work. It’s either WE didn’t focus well enough on the future leaders, and more on present happenings, and that conflicted with the future, or it was vice versa.

Forget about our pasts, it’s all about what is GOING to happen, and what is currently happening. I am no longer the person you should be hating. It should be ourselves for the carelessness we have placed into this army, and for that: we endow hell.

There’s nothing we can do now except accept our fate and only embrace the memories that have been graced for us.


Xxtoysoldier’s Cool Ranch DCP Division vs Mustapha10’s Cheesy DCP Division. Ended as a tie



United We Stand

15x9tup (1)



fun iw battle7

invasion of tuxedo23


Throwback to a tournament battle against ACP

-Xxtoysoldier, DCP Legend, DW Leader. Never forget.


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