Wondering what tactics are? Wondering why they might be important? Well, if so, you’re in the right place! This page will tell you everything you need to know for battles and what to do when you are in one.


What are tactics used for?

When you are fighting in a battle on Club Penguin, everything involves tactics. What are tactics? Tactics are emotes such as a smiley face (E+2) or silly face (E+6) which can be found on Club Penguin’s emote list. The better an army performs tactics, the better the chance they have at winning the battle! 50% of a battle is based on the tactics, and the other half depends on the size you can get up do during the battle.


Line Formations

Dock line formations:



Snow Fort line formations:

This is the primary line we usually do while at the Snow Forts

Our secondary line at the Snow Forts

snowforttactic2 (1)

Cove formations:

Primary formation

Secondary cove formation

Town formations:

Primary town formation


Basic Tactics

“Joke bomb” tactic:


Emote tactics:

This is an example of an emote tactic. We also do many other emotes throughout any type of event.


This is an example of a charge using emotes.

Leader Commands

Follow command:

Indicates to follow the leader who is leading

This indicates to follow your leader in a battle.

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