District 1 – Most Valuable: Must be protected at all costs – If taken, retaliation WILL occur! These servers are to be patrolled every day!

District 2 – Very Valuable: These servers are also to be protected at all costs. They make up most of the DCP empire – If taken, retaliation will occur.

District 3 – Valuable: Our least important servers – Defense is still required.

District 1

Summit – DCP Capital

Mammoth – DCP Co-Capital



District 2



Rocky Road




District 3

Bunny Hill



Great White


DCP stands for Doritos of Club Penguin.

DCP was first created and led by Wwebestfan on February 8th, 2010.

It didn’t take long for the Doritos army to get noticed, and it also didn’t take long for them to become one of the strongest armies in Club Penguin Warfare. The Doritos became popular during their first war, with the Army of Club Penguin. DCP had defended many of their servers, while only losing few during the war. At the time, ACP was the strongest army in CP warfare, hitting sizes of 60. DCP fought well against this world power, and proved to be a force to be reckoned with. After the war, DCP and ACP became brother allies, and have been ever since.

Shortly after, DCP entered the Top Ten for the very first time and maintained it for years. Including becoming a World Power themselves in summer of 2010 with reaching sizes of 50 soldiers, and another major golden age in 2012  up until the retirement of WweBestFan, where the army began to fall drastically afterwards.

In 2013-2014, DCP again hit massive sizes and proved to be a consistent force to be reckon with. Challenging every and any army and establishing their rightful place as a dominant force in the Club Penguin Army community. The Doritos truly believed they were the greatest army at this point, and they proved it time and time again. The Doritos remained unstoppable for many years to come.

In 2015, a new DCP was born, seeing soaring new heights never even imagined, getting sizes of 80+ often and being the most dominant army in the community. DCP started from the very bottom to make it to the top. We have truly proven our worth, defeating alliances single-handedly and annihilating all who oppose us. The Doritos answer to no one, and fight for what they believe in. This army is more than just a simple army, we are united, together, as a family. So no matter what comes our way, no matter what breaks, no matter what happens, we are together forever. Nobody can ruin that, and nobody can take that away, because all of us are greater than any of us.

Form: Socialist Oligarchy



*The President’s position is the head decision maker, and executive power; he/she has the sole power to hire new leaders, and remove current ones. He/she also has the power to declare war and make other government decisions on their own. The other leaders may not declare war, fire other leaders, change laws, etc. without the President’s consent. Leaders also can not add or remove anyone from the hall of fame without the President’s consent.

Note: A Socialist Oligarchy is the elites coming together to form a “more perfect union”. It is the army working for the “common good” and not the interests of others.

  • Wwebestfan – Creator & First leader of DCP
  • Motoxjohn  – 2nd Leader of DCP
  • Ballion54  – 3rd Leader of DCP
  • 57to – 4th Leader of DCP
  • Alfrondo1465 – 5th Leader of DCP
  • Leboto – 6th Leader of DCP
  • Theyt6 – 7th Leader of DCP
  • Auburndude – 8th Leader of DCP
  • Crazyhightec – 9th Leader of DCP
  • Aaronstone42 – 10th Leader of DCP
  • Speed79 – 11th Leader of DCP
  • Billy Mays  – 12th Leader of DCP
  • Dan Za Man1 – 13th Leader of DCP
  • Khimo98 – 14th Leader of DCP
  • Rmstitanic94 – 15th Leader of DCP
  • Bam117 – 16th Leader of DCP
  • Thumbee – 19th Leader of DCP
  • Logrey – 20th Leader of DCP
  • Boomer 20 – 21st Leader of DCP
  • Shaboomboom – 22nd Leader of DCP
  • Aninjaboy – 23rd Leader of DCP
  • Garrett1233 – 24th Leader of DCP
  • Flyers43 – 25th Leader of DCP
  • Kingfunks4 – 26th Leader of DCP
  • Roberto23715 – 27th Leader of DCP
  • Xapocax – 28th Leader of DCP
  • AwesomeAustin – 29th Leader of DCP
  • Teddy50405 – 30th Leader of DCP
  • Arch20045 – 31st leader of DCP
  • Logan18603 – 32nd Leader of DCP
  • Chatosush – 33rd Leader of DCP
  • Mustapha10 – 34th Leader of DCP
  • Hurricanex1 – 35th Leader of DCP
  • Cul8rsl – 36th Leader of DCP
  • Np3000 – 37th Leader of DCP
  • Scientist King – 38th Leader of DCP
  • Coolorange54 – 39th Leader of DCP
  • 13yearoldn00b – 40th Leader of DCP
  • Carter –  41st Leader of DCP
  • Paco – 42nd Leader of DCP
  • Xxtoysoldier – 43rd Leader of DCP
  • Andrew24 – 44th Leader of DCP
  • Elmikey – 45th Leader of DCP
  • West004 – 46th Leader of DCP
  • Rishron – 47th Leader of DCP
  • Jester – 48th Leader of DCP
  • Whats Up 11 – 50th Leader of DCP
  • Badboy – 51st Leader of DCP
  • Trader – 52nd Leader of DCP

CPPS Leaders

  • Mustapha10 – 1st leader of DCP
  • 32op 2nd leader of DCP
  • Freezie66 3rd leader of DCP
  • Kato 4th leader of DCP
  • Brad 5th leader of DCP
  • Gingersnap 6th leader of DCP
  • Elvis/Meerkat 7th leader of DCP
  • Vivala 8th leader of DCP
  • Rex Tillerson 9th leader of DCP
  • Rahaima – 10th leader of DCP
  • 4207b – 11th leader of DCP
  • Zire – 12th leader of DCP
  • Badboy – 13th leader of DCP
  • Wassim – 14th leader of DCP
  • Jester –15th leader of DCP
  • Maroon – 16th leader of DCP
  • Pookie437 – 17th leader of DCP
  • Dino – 18th leader of DCP
  • Mariee – 19th leader of DCP
  • Possum – 20th leader of DCP
  • Intrinsic – 21st leader of DCP
  • Shira – 22nd leader of DCP
  • 2funky3 – 23rd leader of DCP
  • Candy – 24th leader of DCP

This section is dedicated to the leaders who stood by DCP though hell and back, and led DCP to some of their greatest heights.






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