The Dawn Of A New Age


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Hello Doritos!

This morning we invaded yet another WV server, Snow Shoe. They we’re a no show, once again, so we had fun, and danced for 5 mins while laughing at the fact that they didn’t even bother to show up. Pictures are below.

aus 2

aus 1




Here’s ya proof right here fam but ya’ll still gonna deduct us tho ayy

I’m Not An Average Leader

“Any man can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Bam117

  • I love my brothers


Hey Doritos!

Today we logged on to invade Snowmobile from the Water Vikings and we did phenomenal! We battled in the iceberg and cove, circling them both, with awesome tactics. WV struggled to max 20 LOL. Pictures are below.

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Imminent Return

I now pledge my return to the Doritos.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I’ve led this amazing army once before, and when I was leading them we reached 1st on CPAC many times with sizes of 50. Everything I do now is in preparation to see those days return. It’s now or never, DCP.

I just recently finished up my term in the Rebel Penguin Federation, where I was rudely thrown out for trying to salvage what I thought the army had left. I realized something. They aren’t my real friends, they aren’t my real FAMILY. The moment I told Mustapha I had been removed from RPF, he immediately said he’d take me in. This deserves recognition. Mustapha and I have grown as friends over the years, and I’m proud to call him a friend and lead this great army alongside him once more. It’s time DCP.

Fear The Shield.

Glacier Invasion3


Hello Troops,

Of course it wouldn’t be an event without Sharktank (sprite the pizzaboy) raiding us but little does he know it doesn’t affect us at ALL. And of course Water Vikings didn’t show up at all because they are too scared to face us.




Hey Doritos,

Today we invaded the Water Vikings server Snow Flake. We spent a good 10 minutes looking for them around the server and covered every room. Water Vikings were nowhere to be seen. We ended up maxing and averaging 25 throughout the whole event. Tactics were good and size was great!






After the event Buddy PC’d me this. I don’t understand what he meant by it considering I sat on Water Vikings chat the entire event to see if they were logging on, and they didn’t.


If WV do not show evidence that they defended the server, then they automatically lose. They claim to be “playing hide and seek” and defeating us at it. I don’t think they’re actually logging on! They don’t even have any results post on their website, that’s two servers for us because they failed to defend. We searched for them on both servers and all but we’re here to battle, not to spread out across the server finding each and every WV penguin. It has been confirmed that DCP has won both of these battles, and the nile river can try to twist Commandos words but at the end of the day you have to either provide evidence on your website in a results post or you lose both of the servers. Doritos bow down to no one.

Also, as a side note I’d like to add the fact that DCP cancelled our event yesterday 3 times before deciding to actually log on. We still easily maxed 30, and we will completely devastate you, any day.



Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on Club Penguin to capture Polar from the Water Vikings at AUSIA times. As you know Chip loves to play by the rules, or should I say, nearly abuse them to the point of overall absurdity. Basically, his main excuse was that because didn’t find him in 5 minutes, the server remains WV’s. We maxed about 7+, while Chip was in a room by himself claiming victory because we didn’t find him in 5 minutes. Lol..

aus 3

Personal opinion: So I know that rules exist, and they exist to keep and maintain order and understanding throughout the community. With that being the case, tell me how one man hiding in a room by himself, claims he wins the server just because we didnt find him. (haven’t played that since like the 4th grade lol). Listen Chip, I know your father is the hide and seek mastermind, but you don’t poccess those same traits, and logically speaking, DCP wins with size and tactics, period. That alone should trump anyone who can hide the longest and claim victory, but hey, the rules are set for a reason, and he played his cards right.