The Dawn Of A New Age


For a while, I’d question myself. Is what I’m doing acceptable? Is what I come here and practice every day truly fair and truly what a leader should be doing? To be quite honest with you, these questions were never answered, until today.

Over the summer I hit a rough patch in my career. I got exposed for multilogging in the Ice Warriors, which eventually led to them being shut down. After this happened, I publicly admitted to all the multilogging I did in IW and other armies, and swore I would never do it again. However, in life, things change, there are some promises you can not keep, but in the end, when you question what you’re doing, and really look closely, that’s when you decide if it was all worth it.

During my time in RPF, while I will stand by what I said before about leading with completely incompetent people, I still led that army 100% legitimately, without opening up a single multiple tab, and to be honest, it was a pretty good feeling. I had stood by my words to never multilog again, and eventually RPF got 1st under me and not one multilog was seen. But then, Mustapha came along.

I had been couped from RPF over a disagreement about servers, typical drama you would find with Elmikey, so I was pretty ticked because I had felt I done a good job leading that army. So Mustapha invited me to join DCP again, which I saw as a great opportunity given the last time I was here I had taken my leave from the army while at the same time impersonating a DCP legend, another one of Mustapha’s great ideas. I thought about it for a while, and finally I accepted his offer, and began leading with him and 13. Little did I know, what had happened almost a year ago, would resume very quickly.

The first week I was there, we were 100% legit, the second week we multilogged 5, got 1st. Then Trader rejoined, and it became more persistent, bigger & better, as you would expect. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but Mustapha made the entire thing seem so real, that I’d somehow become a legend in DCP for doing its dirty work, and never bringing to light this evil operation that was so heavily covered up in the past two years. But I continued to do it, despite the promises I had made prior, despite all I had made sure of in RPF to be a new person, a new leader who would play this game fair and only fair. After a while, I became fed up with this entire thing and we just stopped having events. After CPAC banned us off of top ten, I realized we were never going to find a way to get away with what we were doing. I tried explaining this to Mustapha, but he insisted there were other ways to get around it, like making one penguin a day to space out the ID’s so they didn’t show up similar. Mustapha’s attempts to help fabricate what was going on and what he was actively participating in just goes to show no matter how long you’ve been in an army or how many people you have on your side, if you’re doing the wrong thing, its unacceptable, and it can’t be tolerated. I learned this the hard way, and this is my promise to all of you; I will never open up another multiple tab while I continue to lead here, and if I do, I’ll leave willingly.

A lot of you are probably wondering, so what else don’t we know about Mustapha? Well I’m glad you’re wondering that, because I’d be wondering that every day I came online aswell. Mustapha is quite the interesting fellow, not many know anything about him, which is weird considering hes been doxed a number of times, and yet somehow he’s managed to stay consistent in denying who he really is every single time its brought up. Mustapha would call us his “family” and call me his “brother” but never disclosed anything about himself to me, and whenever I mentioned it he’d get offended. I soon came to the realization that I was only useful to him for one thing… multilogging. Mustapha, while being an extremely inconspicuous and a great actor, had many flaws that I saw through since I first started leading with him, flaws not even he could hide. Mustapha always knew about multilogging in the Doritos, always encouraged it, always ALLOWED it, while holding a legend status and his title of “main leader”. Whenever we’d discuss multilogging, Mustapha would PC me to go to or some other random empty chat on a null to avoid the chance of someone screenshotting and exposing him. One night, when 13 noticed my penguins log off all at the same time, he brought it up to Mustapha, and he had me “retire” for a day and made me download skype and named himself Edwin before we started our conversation about how we’re going to keep what we were doing from 13. So he had me write a post stating I’d be retiring, and I just logged on the penguins 13 saw went off without being present on chat, to make it seem like the “troops” were still attending events when I’m not there. 13 didn’t buy it, and immediately took his leave from the army and exposed almost each and every one of our multilogs. And it gets better, right after 13 left, he and Meta kept the evidence on 13’s personal site, and Mustapha hired people to blackmail Meta with his personal information into defacing the site and deleting all the evidence. But here’s the best and most compelling part about all of this, even now, he’ll STILL deny he ever knew about it or did any of this, because his pride is too much for him and he won’t ever risk being vulnerable, because he for some reason thinks he has something to prove to everyone, maybe because he never led DCP legitimately, and wants to prove he can, I don’t know, but I know this, Mustapha isn’t who he says he is and isn’t who we all thought he was, hes made of wax, and deserves being put into the hall of shame.

A lot of us believed Musta was our friend and that he really was doing what was in DCP’s best interest, but we were all deceived. At the end of the day, Mustapha will never admit he did anything wrong or take any responsibility whatsoever and will still be claiming hes the “head honco” of DCP and that he’ll “cut you” for standing up to him. Everything he spews is a bunch of nonsense, and in reality hes just some cringy indian kid with a parrot and a huge ego.

I’m just glad 13 came along because hes a real one, and he really is looking out for DCP. He deserves to lead this army more than anyone, and I look forward to this new, clean, generation of DCP. We will start out small, and continue to grow legitimately like every other army around us does. We will wipe the dirt from DCP’s name and strive to get along with CPAC & whoever else was wronged under Mustapha’s leadership. We might not be huge at first, but I’d rather max 10 legitimately than getting 40 with the majority of the size being fake.

Sorry for the long post folks, but the truth needed to be told; the true soldiers of DCP have a right to know what was going on behind the scenes of the army they know and love. We let this stupidity go on for long enough, and we will make sure it never happens again, that’s our promise to you.

Fear The Shield


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