Member/Moderator/Owner of the Week!

Hello Doritos!

Continue reading to find out who our troop of the week is!

Member of the Week


Brief Description:

Our member of the week is IceySpy! Spy is a friendly face to have around chat. Interesting, unique, and engaging, he brings a lot to the table and overall brightens the chat when he’s in it. This is why IceySpy is out TOTW

Staff of the Week


Brief Description:
Bolik is our staff of the week! He has been working incredibly hard, finding a good balance between school and serving the army. Whether recruiting, or making a fun game night even better, Bolik is a great part of the doritos family.

Owner of the Week


Brief Description:

Danny is our owner of the week! Having been with us for many many months now, Danny has proven himself many times over. From quick tactics to give us an edge in battle, to helping out with his staff duties, Danny deserves some recognition and that is why hes out Owner of the Week

Congrats to all!

Who do you think will be our next troop of the week? Comment below!


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  1. and still banned my ass or minor issues

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