Thank you 5000

Hello, Doritos!

Today we reached 5,000 members in our discord chat. The way that we were able to do this is unprecedented, and I must thank you all for all of your contributions to our army. Together we make our family stronger everyday and enable more and more people to make friends and have fun! As a result, we have some fun things in store for you!


The first thing we will be doing is hosting 2 fun events. One is the Puffle Party, and the other is the legendary DCP Spring Formal.


Furthermore, we will be buying a Minecraft server dedicated to DCP! This server will be crossplay / cross compatible making it so you can play on different devices together with your friends from the Doritos! We have done this in the past and it has turned out to be majorly successful and a ton of fun.


We are the best group of friends to ever do this and we have proven that time and time again. We have put our name in stone as the best Club Penguin community to ever exist and the best army to have ever been created. We did this all together! Family forever!



5 Responses

  1. OMG CONGRATS GUYS!! I am so happy for you guys!! You guys are great. You guys are so accepting. Thank you.

  2. YEET 5K!! GJ FAM!


  4. Doritos forever!!


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