The Coup of Mustapha10

Hello, Troops!

Mustapha10, a former Doritos Leader has now been removed from leadership.

Why? Because he did almost NOTHING. I have hundreds of reasons. Everyone from the ownership that I have asked wanted him removed. Even Mustaphas “BFF” Possum wanted him to be removed from the leadership. Vivala and everyone else has been complaining about this guy who does nothing around here. The only reason he’s achieved leadership status is because he’s been here for a couple of years. He’s like 28 years old yet still one of the most incompetent leaders the DCP has ever had. He does the job of a member, and when he’s asked to do something around here he acts like he’s AFK. Now while Mustapha puts “RETIRED” in his name, this post will validate that he has been COUPED. 

Mustapha was simply not having or showing the necessary skills to do simple things successfully. He brought this upon himself. I refuse to ever lead with him or any other rock like humans.

Until later,

March On!

~32op DCP Main Leader & Legend


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