Christmas Chaos Round 1 Results – 2019

Hello Doritos,

Well we did it, we showed our dominance on the battlefield and won the first round of the Christmas Chaos. Our opponents decided to log off 10 mins into the event because the leaders were simply embarrassed on how big we were. We maxed 85+ Avg 70, we would have gotten more but you guys are too massive to fit in one room. Anyway here are the results from the first round.

Click on images below to enlarged them!


DCP Pregame at the coffee shop!


DCP lockouts!


From the DCP Oligarchy

32op, Freezie66, Mustapha10, Elvis/Meerkat, Kato, Gingersnap & Brad


5 Responses

  1. great job to everyone! i love u all ❤

  2. it was so fun, great job guys!!

  3. Good

  4. amazing job guys!!! <3333

  5. God that was fun for my first battle

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