DCPNC – CPO Batman takeover [Classified Files – 7 (Dec 9)]

Hey Doritos,

Summit, Club Penguin Online DCPNCClub Penguin Online’s Batman Takeover’s Classified files are here! There will be plenty of posts that l will be posting everyday! So stay tuned! If you haven’t checked my previous post about the  Classified Files of Dec 3, Dec 4 + Dec 5-6 + Dec 7-8; and Batman Party click the link! ** NEW PIN ARE HIDDEN **

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When you log on to Club Penguin Online, a new classified files has been added(Dec 9) Click the batman logo on the right corner of your screen.

Then go to the Snow Forts then you will have to Press T by throwing snowballs at the Umbrellas to bring them down! 

Throw it 3 times on each umbrellas! Repeat 3 times again then the umbrellas will fall down!

Throw the snowballs 3 times again! Then the umbrella will fall on the ground!

Then it should look like this:

Once you are done throwing all the umbrellas from throwing snowballs to fall down, click all 3 umbrellas to make the ghost puffle disappear as well as not standing up anymore, it will just sit on the ground…

Now let’s go to the Cove, last quest!

Repeat as necessary. It will be the same thing.

Once you are done with the quest, the mission rewards file will pop up on your screen! Claim all 2 of the penguin’s costume!

Now let’s go and find a new Pin tracker that are hidden! 

Go to the map; Click the Ski Village then go to the Ski Village. Go inside of the Lodge(Cabin) then you will see the new pin hidden on the wall of the in-written cardboard on the left.

The new Pin is a Milk ‘N Cookies Pin. Click yes!

That is it folks! There will be more Classified files folder on Dec 10 – 11, and i will keep you up-to-date!

Bye for now,

~Kyle103 was here~

Fourth In Command and DCPNC Creator


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