Redemption for my Brother

I’ve got my strength back in mind and I’m finally able to genuinely reach my laptop. This may piss off some people – I’m sure it’ll trigger someone above. But I don’t care, In terms of DCP and its huge line of true legends – I truly believe that the most significant legends is far smaller than the list on the Hall of Fame, with this being noted I Bam117 am hereby removing the HOS placement on Mustapha10 along with his banishment – The false accusations that were pinned on him which caused a coup were total BS spewed by several well known multiloggers, there was literally no actual placement of evidence against Mustapha – Let alone that he has literally put years of hard work and effort into this army – years that far exceeds many of the legends on the HOF.

Mustapha10x is removed from the Hall of Shame and is to be instated back in his rightful place as a fellow DCP Legend, This man has been with DCP through thick and thin and the unjustifiable terms on how he got his title taken is ridiculous. He and I have had our fair share of fights but never once did either us attempt to slander the name of DCP or each other – I’ve known him for years and he isn’t that type of guy, He’d literally die for this army. I don’t care if any other legends disagree or not, you can all go f*** yourselves, I’m doing this because all the hard times and struggles he went through wont be for nothing and I know if I had been thrown in the same situation as him He’d be doing the same right now.

Image result for doritos of cp




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