Yes, Were Still Alive

Greetings Doritos and to all others who may be reading,

A recent plague of evident inactivity has struck the Dorito Empire with full force, as many former owners/moderators have recently departed from the DCP. With this being established, my fellow leaders and I refuse to sit here and disacknowledge what is actually going on. Many of us have become very distant from the empire, especially in terms of regular activity. On that note, I apologize for my lack of participation in keeping this army consistently alive. This ends today, as I will be completely focused on keeping this army relevant. Starting now, we will be mass recruiting as well as investing in new prospects to keep this army stable. Now that this has been made clear, I issue a personal invitation to ANY former Dorito– you will be reinstated accordingly.

Goodbye for now.


13yearoldn00b, Doritos Leader & Legend

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