Entering Lock Down

We’ve been through hell and back, and though the current ownership has learned from the past there’s another “speed bump” along the way that might manage to slow us down for 1, or maybe 2 weeks.

What’s the “speed bump” ?

DCP site is no longer the top search result on Google. We’ve managed to max 40 on CP and 50 on chat without even recruiting. And on top of that, all of our events were unscheduled. However, I refuse to stand idle with no recruiting being done in any way. If we aren’t always progressing and moving forward it will only damage the army in the long run.

Just be a little patient, and we’ll be right back!

CP chat recruiting has died out a long time ago. Probably because tracking is no longer required, all there are is CPPS users who are busy playing CPPS. We cannot recruit users from CP if our website isn’t the first website on the google search results when they search us up. In DCP we either go big or go home, it’s always been that way and it always will be that way. If we are unable to recruit at all while our enemies are recruiting 24/7, then that’s a real big issue that must be taken care of. I hope you all can understand that.

Tldr; DCP will be shutting down for a week or so and then reopening. We will reopen regardless, but for now this google issue needs some serious work.

Until later,

March Down!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


8 Responses

  1. I’ll get right into recuriting Mustpha!

  2. wat

  3. I’ll recruit! Also because of the last post below… I am commenting

    I COMMENTED From Dorito Eater

  4. People are saying DCP is dead… Is it? I’m questioning this beacuase even the SWAT leader is saying we’re dead, (the one that likes us)

  5. uh Musta…..I got banned
    im REALLY scared I did nothing wrong
    I just go on chat and Im brown and banned.

    I really do not want DCP to leave again.


  6. RIP DCP.

  7. guys mustapha joined the light troops and we are all banned on dcp because we have a new leader.thats all ive herd.if we tell them to go to dcp the official chat group then we wouldent have this problem.they could get on the chat and give them the link to this site.REPLY IF YOUR WITH ME!

  8. MUSTPHA COME BACK! YOU SAID 1-2 weeks! It has been a month! If you aren’t going to lead this army, then I will. If I must. Because you are the best. Don’t give up on DCP now. Mustpha10, come back.

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