Thank You’s

Hello, Troops!

This post is dedicated to a small group of people who have always been there for DCP through thick and thin and no matter what the situation is.

MchappyDCP Legend, has helped DCP in many cases but the most notable one is when he saved DCP in a war against the Night Warriors in 2011 when we were at one of our lowest points ever, and has always been a very loyal ally to the Doritos no matter what the situation may be. Thanks to Mchappy, DCP and ACP have been really strong allies for years.

FlipmooDCP Legend, has always been a great ally to the Doritos through thick and thin and has helped DCP in many situations including a war against the Dark Warriors in which he reinvaded every server that we lost. Together, DCP and ACP along with allies were able to conquer loads of servers!

TesGreat ally, Classified (will be revealed in the future)

CulDCP Legend, has always stuck with DCP through thick and thin. No matter what the situation may be, Cul was there. Whether it was when DCP was at the final of tournaments, or when DCP was dead. You could always count on Cul to be a true Dorito!

Thanks to everyone noted above! The Doritos are in your debt, and we are very thankful for everything that you were able to do for us.

Thank you all for being apart of the Doritos Family.

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


4 Responses

  1. Guys? the chat’s growing short on people, Whats going on? I hope its just the minecraft server… (Musta owns a server if anyone who reads this doesn’t know)

  2. Ok look im toad no one even looks at me

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