The War Council

Greetings Doritos,

We will now be starting the war council which will meet whenever the leaders schedule or decide at a certain time that there will be a meeting. The war council consists of all leaders and owners in the Doritos. We will meet when we are making a decision to declare war, or to decide on any decision during a war. This does not give owners the power to enforce any decision made, the leaders will still have the final say on everything. Owners will act as an advisory board to the leaders and in doing so the owners will have further involvement in the war time decision making of the army than they currently do. Every member of the war council will be given their chance to speak on any given matter. The war council will be set up in the following way:

Council Head: The most strategic war leader, and most responsible when coming to war time decisions. Able to overturn or veto  any decision, therefore restarting the discussion of the topic.

Secondaries:  Has the authority above that of members, because of the experience of these individuals their opinion holds more weight.

Members: Actively speaking about war topic, giving in valuable information and fact based opinions to have an intelligent opinion on the task at hand.


Council Heads- Mustapha10, Lord Pain, Spi101, West

Secondaries-  Rishron, Meta

Members- Gingersnap, Abubakr, Kingdra



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