The Awakening IV: Painsta10

Greetings Doritos,

This post was started weeks ago when I rejoined DCP, and I am finishing it now. I have returned to this great army along with my long time friend Mustapha10 for what is my final run in Club Penguin Armies. I have done many great things for Club Penguin Armies most of which are controversial. I have proven many points and changed the face of what people imagine when they think of a great leader and legend in Club Penguin Armies. I made a huge impact on CP Warfare and its people and many come to me seeking my opinion and advice. For years I have been one of the most powerful figures in CP Warfare, one of the most powerful ever to exist. I am here to establish my final legacy, what I will leave behind in CP Warfare. This includes the people who will take my place, and continue my never ending mission in Club Penguin armies that I have pursued since 2009. The creation of a perfect CP Army Community. The establishment of an equilibrium in which no army can remain in power in any top ten spot for an inappropriate amount of time, a community in which top ten positions constantly switch and every army has a chance at glory. In other words a community of equality and fairness in which that there are only friendly wars. A community without corruption. The process of establishing my legacy will begin with the creation of a new government in the Doritos which will be established by myself and Mustapha. We will also be introducing the war council, an idea which was created by Vinny and introduced in the Army Republic during my leadership there. The road is long and the work that we will put in must be done with us putting in 110% all the way.

We will have the largest and most organized fighting force in Club Penguin Armies. We will be the envy of CP Warfare itself and this will also make us a target for those who are jealous. We will have the greatest sizes, the greatest owners and troops, the greatest graphics, and the most appealing website with entertaining posts. We will have the funnest events out of any army in the community. We will be the center of attention in CP Warfare, the army that everyone wants to join. In this leadership these are the things that we are going to seek to bring about in this army. All in all we will be a force to be reckoned with, and any army foolish enough to challenge us will be obliterated.

On May 24, 2014 we were challenged by a scum army known as the Dark Warriors, an army whom have a former DCP legend who has turned on us leading them. He is now DDoSing Mustapha10 in an attempt to hinder us from performing well in CP Warfare. The fact that they need to be DDoSing us demonstrates their fear of our might. The reckless and anger filled decisions made by the unprofessional and unintelligent leadership of the Dark Warriors has flung CP Warfare into chaos, bringing the community to the brink of  a world war, something I try to prevent at all costs. Like any army I ever go against, the Dark Warriors are destroying the natural order of the Club Penguin Army Community. This cannot be tolerated, and so they have signed their death warrant.

If this community must divide to destroy those who would endanger it, then so be it as the Doritos will reunite this community after we have destroyed our enemies. I call out to all who wish to protect and serve the Club Penguin Army Community. I call out to any with values and morals. I call out to anyone that wishes to see this community survive another 7 years and beyond that. My actions since I returned to CP Warfare have always been for the protection of not only a single army but for the entire Community. I seek order in Club Penguin Armies, I seek justice. The Doritos Army will be the army to bring equilibrium to this community.

Instead of not being valued in the current army you are in, come and join the Doritos while you have the chance because this army will be the conduit for change in this community. If you want your efforts to be put forth into a greater service to this community than fighting to achieve your own selfish wants. The incarnation of the purpose of Lord Pain in the CP Army Community is to fight for something worth fighting for, and not for just yourself. And I have to be honest with you guys, I feel so young in real life but I feel so old in CP Armies. I grow tired, and I need everyones help for this final push in CP Warfare. Like every world war there are those out there claiming this to be the war to end all wars. Is this true? is the real question you should be asking yourself when you hear such claims. Over the course of the many months ahead this will not be the first war, or the last. We do not fight wars to fight wars in this army anymore, now we fight for conserve the natural order of Club Penguin Armies, while Elmikey and his Dark Warriors fight only for themselves thus creating chaos. Elmikey is a prime example of what you should never become in this community. His actions and the actions of any like him need to be put to a stop so that the future generations of children will be able to participate in CP Armies and enjoy this life changing experience.

I am old and I have fought this war alone for so, so long. But for the first time I don’t feel alone anymore because now I have Mustapha10 and everything I have, I pass onto him. Mustapha10 is an amazing leader and friend and I have watched him grow since he was a DCP mod in 2011. It has been my privilege to see everything he has done and to know that I was able to be apart of his career. When you’ve led CP Armies as long as I have, one of the greatest things you can see are the young troops you once knew growing into leaders. Now I stand by him and I feel proud because of how much hes grown. I know he will be here longer than I, and after I am gone he will be the future. But what about after him? is the question I ask myself.

This is the era of change in Club Penguin Warfare, and I will bring it about. My ways will be taught through this conduit which is the Doritos Army. Then and only then will this generation be able to grow into something more than soldiers who are only here to rise through the ranks to serve their own selfish purposes. They will become soldiers of justice and equality, stopping those who only seek to use their armies to ensue chaos thus weakening CP Armies and bringing us closer to extinction. Like I said this wont be the first war or the last in our war for equality and equilibrium. Compared to the many wars we and most likely the future generations of wars this army will have to fight, this will just be a battle to us because we are legion, to DW this is a war as they are not legion, they are not united. Compared to us they are nothing, and we will show them that our purpose gives us drive, and that by serving CP Warfare and not just ourselves it will give us power. With this power, we will prevail.

Lord Pain= Thomas Wayne Mustapha10= Batman Elmikey= Twoface Twoface’s Thugs= Other DW Leaders





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  1. i liek it

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  3. I love the way Pain makes long posts 😛

  4. […] his rightful position. He is not gone forever and is certainly not retired. All promises written in The Awakening IV: Painsta10 post will be kept. This army will be the unrivaledrulerI am proud of the leaders and the troops of […]

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