EARLY Promotions-April 2013

Hello, Troops!

Triple Promotion=Orange

Double Promotion=Green+Underlined


Double Demotion=Red+Underlined



Don’t complain, you get what you deserve!

Owner promotions completed By Mustapha

Member/Mod promotions should be completed By Carter/West tomorrow or tonight

 Mustapha10,  Carter, West


Jake, Luke,


Blooy, Smash

Meta Knight

Pangado, Toysoldier, James, Sora, Arceus1296, irealsummit

 Speedy, Coolto5, Venom4324,  Pepsi, James18,  Teddy,

 Kyle75642, Caius, Vindex, 

Sloo, Mumble318, Honeygoo2, Klpx674,  cody2143, Angelxoxo119, JackJack2822, Baby Flor, Locall, Whats up 11, Emmarose, Royilumbo, Sophiablue Red Gush, Laith

 Mario, Mcab, Rainbow Dash, Andre, Kye Bindi,  Bjkb1, 32op, Cool Dude, 1004b, saturn7, 2842bh

kmcab, Chongo, Milly55559, Zafeer15, Moses103, funky kong94, James18120, Snowblizz 26, 123nai

leachim, Bubba893, AndyTheLego, Noa, 

KoolAidKing1843, Sielent2, tmw12, Dark,

GeneralQ13, Smashup249,Darkspine16647, Cloverfield

Sopme13, Sgh19. Jolene234, zozarutchi1

FatherVader29, 19gary, iHackerz, Vemnom4324, Spike33

Johnsteez29, elnickson777, 14thekidjoker, Mrgpv, Ciosek, Gammagal, Zoroark1089, Basloo1, Magnet8824, Mcw3, Secret J, Spoo004,  Penguen5674, Legozacc, Shadowaddel8, Dancer5118, Mario28037, sleet96

Unknown, Magicfan1234, Cancan1, Peeka132, Hornicorn18347, Pengooin, GTrocks12, Snakebite23, Baconat0r258, Deepercode45, Hylerspy184, GBF28, Dimentio, xiKyle103, Coolman, Sir Penguin,  Goldenhero, Giant Mike, Elvis, Jake Venom, Funky Coh,Logan18603, enesis54, Gert487, Gold4657, Greencar3, Guide cp, Alyassa1, Penguin Aus, Anakin71,Lexie, Jasmine, Gravity, p70635

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader & Legend


3 Responses

  1. nice but it’d be nice if i were 2ic and got promoted to Lit ;D

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