Carter couped for Treason

Hey guys,

Carter has been couped for attempting to coup me for getting angry with him and telling him to try harder in DCP.

He told 13 that if I’m not couped then he’s gonna quit, he also mentioned getting Bam, Alf, and Wwebestfan against me.

Well, for those of you who don’t know, Carter doesn’t do much around here, he plays the role of a moderator. He only scheduals stupid events that don’t even make sense, such as declaring war on small armies for no reason.  Also, he got us banned from CPAC when I went to my dads house for the weekend, cause he couldn’t lead and made DCP small and didn’t want us out of the top 10. He takes credit for all the recruits, saying he recruited people like West and Meta Knight when they are obviously loyal troops from last gen that I brought into this generation. He takes credit for almost all of DCP’s troops and our sizes. Saying I don’t do shit and goes over board when I yell at him for not being on. He comes on and posts funny pics from photobucket (like he does in all the posts he has made) and then he leaves chat. This routine continues the whole day.  Now Carter is going to join one of DCP’s enemies, cause he isn’t a true Dorito. He never has cared about the Doritos army. He doesn’t even try, he doesn’t give a crap.

Now we know why NW was so small the entire time Carter led them!

In reply to his private post..

He said that I couped Paco for taking credit for DCP’s sizes or somthing..

Well, that isn’t true even ask Paco because Paco retired when Pain became a leader, because Paco doesn’t like Pain. But either way, Paco has quit xat now, he thinks xat is lame. He’s dedicated to CPAC, so get your facts straight. I was forced into making West leader because of Carter, he’s such a pathetic excuse of a leader. This will be the final coup of Carter and I never want to see him back in DCP.

I will not give up even if DCP falls, we always manage to get back on our feet, and no one can ever take that away from us. DCP is a legendary army, and through thick and thin, we will continue marching and live up to our fame.

The following picture is a picture I helped DCP’s last generation achieve.

I led DCP last generation and it was the best leading experiance anyone can ever ask for. It felt like I was leading Fever’s army.

Hopefully, one day..

With the courage of our almighty troops, and the bravery of our great leaders, the Doritos family will rise up to our world power status, once again. Because if we all work together, we will never fall. If we work as a team we will accomplish anything we ever have wanted because none of us are better then all of us. I’m telling you all, it’s always the guy who puts ALL his effort, time, and energy into something that is the most successful. We either rise as a team and we destroy anyone who decides to step in our path and make fun of Doritos like many armies have lately, or we fall and crumble as individuals. Anyone who’s looking down on Doritos of CP, you have another thing coming. WE WILL PREVAIL!

Now, lets continue marching, never look down, never look back, and most importantly, Never Give Up!

What I’ve helped DCP achieve this Generation could be seen here:

I truely believe we could of done better then that, and we are still Capable!

Until later,

March On!

~Mustapha10 DCP Main Leader


7 Responses

  1. yea carter deserved that 😀

  2. adjalwekashjdfkjhsdfklashdfkhjasdfksa

  3. isn’t that picture GT?

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